Developer: RortosPublisher: RortosGenre: Simulation FlightRelease: Dec 15, 2018Platform: AndroidESRB: not Set

Full flights no enough?

Why can"t we have multiple full flights for the assorted routes rather of landings and also take offs?

Chuchad, Jul 18, 2018

Answer from: Fastbike77Having 80 hrs of trip time does absolutely nothing. In ~ this time, there is no means to "unlock" full-flight mode on-demand. Hopefully the is what happens v the "Coming Soon" box, but nobody to know for certain what thats because that yet.

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Posted on: Mar 3, 2019

Answer from: Fastbike77...In fact, I have actually completed no much less than 10 actual full length flights on my means up come 80 hrs. I uncover that if friend are offered a "full flight" in the provides From other Airlines section, it constantly turns the end to it is in an actual complete flight.In the consistent campaign, it is lot harder to tell if a "full flight" will certainly be what friend get. One clue come look because that is the size of the flight. Ive never done a full trip over 5hrs (but ive done one as brief as 1hr), therefore if the distance between airports (all distances and speeds are relatively accurate) have the right to be done with the given airplane in much less than 5 hours, friend at the very least stand a opportunity of it being a real full flight. If the flight is super much in relationship to the aircrafts range, the will likely be the reduce version.

Posted on: Mar 3, 2019

Answer from: MysteryGuy456You can actually gain full trip contracts from plenty of routes, i got one indigenous Mumbai come Amritsar, and its in reality just full takeoff and also full landing in one mission. Save in mind the i had less 보다 5 trip hours.

Posted on: Apr 9, 2019

Answer from: DuncanI obtained my very first 1 lastly today, after about 10 trip hours. Chicago to some small airport 600 mile away, 2:40 flight. It to be an market from another airline. I review somewhere now that apparently one gets a real full flight around every 10 hours.

Posted on: Apr 15, 2019

Answer from: CoolDaddyThe only enjoyment I obtain from this video game anymore is the complete flight. Ns have had all the taxiing I have the right to take. Unfortunately, the 80 hour thing for complete flights is false. I now have 110 hrs into this game and also haven"t been readily available a finish flight since 70 hours or so. It might have much more to carry out with just how much money is in her bank. The brand-new "pilots" save my financial institution high so i guess that"s why ns am no longer available complete flights.

Posted on: might 27, 2019

Answer from: NutterI"m at senior Captain level, I"m thinking I"m about 60 hours, however could be way off, haven"t paid fist to that, i have had 5 really real complete flights, and it"s the only thing other than getting new planes that ns still enjoy. All have actually come from supplies from other airlines, you understand pretty much as shortly as you take off, if it states "skip" on the display screen your in full flight.

Posted on: Jun 1, 2019

Answer from: Slayer.I"ve perfect the game and all l gain is full flights now, annoying the you can"t rate up the time in between take off and landing.

Posted on: Sep 15, 2019

Answer from: DickI have asked numerous times for an "accelerator", i remember with the an excellent old Coomercial trip Pilot you can accelerate up to 16 times

Posted on: Oct 9, 2019

Answer from: PatI am on level 12 however I have only 4 pilots rather from the beginning. Exactly how is it feasible to get an ext pilots ? since with only 4 pilots it is useless come get an ext planes if lock all stay on the ground ? Thanks

Posted on: Oct 23, 2019

Answer from: Barrel RollThe answer come this concern is to leaving the video game open under supplies from other airlines and also let some landings and takeoffs expire. Maybe carry out 1 complete landing if the $$$ is good 7K+. (Full Landings just if you want to perform the fire buttons trick come skip taxiing and also make a rapid 7K+. This conserves a ton the time while making the same $$$) How plenty of you should let expire is pretty random for a Full flight to pop up. I"ve had complete flights right once I open up the game but rarely. I have waited for a couple of to expire then a Full flight popped up. I have actually waited for possibly 10 to expire before getting a full flight. If 20min goes by through nothing i close down and also restart the game usually and normally get a full flight in 1-10 minutes. I think it"s yes, really all simply leaving the game open and checking that on the continuous as landing and takeoff expire and brand-new ones pop up. Friend will acquire a full trip at some point by just looking in ~ the game and checking flight options every 5-10 minutes. I"m at 103 hours and have excellent 58 full flights. Some 30 min flights and also one that was end 5 hours worth 190k. Following rank I"ll it is in is Captain. Probably a mainly or 2 depending on how much I will play to get there. I want the A310 and also 737 planes. High licenses are taking forever now :-(. This one I just started yesterday (final license for Embraer 190) is a 2 work 5 Hour wait time. Without spending a ton of actual $$ ns think it"s gonna take a an excellent year if I desire all the planes and airports and also routes unlocked.

Posted on: Oct 25, 2019

Answer from: Cptedwie99Once you finish all 199 certificate , all or most offers space actual complete flights. The takes time , no rush. It is in patient.

Posted on: Nov 11, 2019

Answer from: Gollo airlinesAfter level 80 it mirrors up a EOG section. It"s like once you gonna unlock a new airport but, this time EOG doesn"t describe any type of airport therefore .. What does it stand for?

Posted on: Mar 17, 2020

Answer from: JimboEnd of Game. You gain ALL complete FLIGHTS ~ that. Simply the large planes though. None of the smaller planes.

Posted on: Apr 6, 2020

Answer from: NoeStrange, I"m only level 4 and I"ve already bagged one full flight. Perform not it is in impatient, I believe mostly the exactly strategy is to let those an easy landing and also take offs expires and check the next offers and distances together aforementioned.

Posted on: Jul 16, 2020

Answer from: LAAirTo get complete flights, you should let various other airlines" provides expire, through the game open. In general, when supplies start to with the most lucrative planes, simply keep one eye out, waiting while the provides expire, that around 10 to 20 minutes show up complete flights. I am at the 1st official level and also I have already made 40 finish flights, that"s all I have actually done, 2 a day. ~ the very first one appears, if that is no profitable, wait for it to expire as others appear. I"ve currently made 6h flights, but it wasn"t worth it, due to the fact that the distinction in hrs x payment is no proportional. Flights in between 2h and also 3h are an ext interesting. When the complete flight is finished, wait another fifty percent hour, then one more one appears. Appear faster if you keep track of offers.

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Posted on: Jul 30, 2020

Answer from: BertHow carry out I get much more offers from other airlines? Right currently I just have actually 3 supplies every 20some minutes. It"s do the game take forever.

Posted on: Sep 29, 2020

Answer from: august WestSeems too many of world like the full flight that big hours. I discover it annoying AF. Once I set the auto pilot and also reach cruising altitude, why would certainly I want to just sit and watch this application drain mine phones battery because that 2½ hours? I"m sure as I get to lastly purchase a wide body, the flights will be lot longer. To be honest, once I have actually the controls collection and I"m seafaring to mine destination, ns skip the flight path and lose money. Who has several hours to watch an plane on auto pilot? the takes SO lengthy to earn money and also credits to acquisition a large body, lengthy haul aircraft, I"m more than likely going to move on to a different game. The Boeing 717 is as far as I"ve obtained so far and I have method more 보다 80 hours. Good graphics, an excellent simulator