Tech. Sgt. Brett Corriveau, 39th Rescue Squadron loadmaster, scans the waters that the Gulf the Mexico from the within of an HC-130P/N Combat King aircraft for any type of sign that the lacking airman native the 24th special Operations Wing, Hurlburt Field, Florida top top Nov. 6. Search and rescue airmen indigenous the 920th RQW wre join by countless other military, government and private agtencies in the search for the Special strategies airman. (Tech. Sgt. Kelly Goonan/Air Force)
The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended the search efforts for the Special strategies airman who had an unplanned parachute departure from a C-130 aircraft throughout a training exercise Tuesday morning over the Gulf that Mexico, about four miles south of Hurlburt Field, Florida.

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As of 6 p.m. Friday, the Air pressure had bring away the lead duty as the find for the airman, from the 24 unique Operations Wing in ~ Hurlburt, transitions come a recovery effort.

“We would favor to extend our gratitude to all of the federal, state and also local units that have actually aided in the search for our airman, specifically the U.S. Coast Guard,” said Col. Matt Allen, command of the 24th one-of-a-kind Operations Wing, in a news release. “We will continue our recovery initiative as lengthy as circumstances and resources enable to lug our airman home.”

Recovery teams are currently refining and also adjusting the find area as initiatives continue, the 24th SOW said in the news release. Come respect the privacy of the family and also teammates that the individual, we will certainly be release the surname of the airman following next the kin notification.

The Air force is proactively investigating the incident.

The shore Guard’s 8th district Headquarters in brand-new Orleans told marine Times Wednesday that officials diverted the Dania Beach, Florida-based cutter Gannet to sign up with the search, which started shortly after ~ watchstanders in Mobile received a distress contact at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Others associated in the search:

♦ 24th special Operations Wing, Hurlburt Field

♦ first Special operations Wing, Hurlburt Field

♦ shore Guard wait Station brand-new Orleans MH-65 Dolphin Helicopter aircrew

♦ coast Guard Aviation Training facility Mobile HC-144 ocean Sentry aircrew

♦ shore Guard Aviation Training center Mobile MH-60 Jayhawk aircrew

♦ Two coastline Guard terminal Destin 45-foot solution Boat-Medium boat crews

♦ 96th test Wing, Eglin Air force Base

♦ U.S. Army 7th Special forces Group, duke Field

♦ Santa Rosa ar Sheriff’s Office

♦ Florida Fish and also Wildlife preservation Commission


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