Schooled is an American sitcom television collection and a direct spin-off to The Goldbergs. It to be ordered through ABC v Tim Meadows, Bryan Callen and also AJ Michalka in the key cast. The concept aired together a backdoor pilot top top a January 24, 2018 illustration of The Goldbergs called "The Goldbergs: 1990-Something". The collection premiered top top January 9, 2019. In might 2019, alphabet renewed the series for a second season, which premiered on September 25, 2019.

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She-Ra and also the Princesses of power is one American animated net television series developed by Noelle Stevenson and produced through DreamWorks computer animation Television. It premiered together a Netflix initial program top top November 13, 2018 and is right now on its 4th season. A reboot the the 1985 Filmation series She-Ra: Princess of Power, the 2018 series tells the tale of a teenager called Adora, who gains strength that allow her to turn right into the titular heroine. Emboldened v this power, Adora leads a group of various other magical princesses in one alliance to loss the evil Horde, who room led by lord Hordak.


Lisa is the last person you"d expect to uncover in a highway-side "sports bar through curves", but as basic manager at dual Whammies, she"s concerned love the place and also its customers. An incurable den mother, she nurtures and protects she girls fiercely, yet over the food of one do the efforts day, her optimism is battered indigenous every direction. Dual Whammies sells a big, weird American fantasy, however what happens once reality pokes a bunch of feet in it?

An under-appreciated, overworked assistant entrusted with a million-dollar necklace gyeongju to find out i beg your pardon of his girlfriend betrayed him, together he war a desperate criminal duo bend on stealing the necklace. Memory of a classic, yet contemporary "Hitchockian" thriller, with multiple plot twists and also turns, audiences will be glued to the display screen trying to number out that is Guilty... Who is Innocent... And also who is a tiny of both.

"AND then THERE was LIGHT" speak the story of Bailey, a young girl who specifies herself by her equestrian abilities, and also her struggles as she loses her eyesight after a traumatic accident. Emotion hopeless and dejected, Bailey"s loving parents, Caroline and Jason, look for out various alternatives to help her adjust, including enrolling she in a routine for seeing-eye dogs, but she is can not to attach to anyone or anything. That is, until Charles, the head trainer the Southeastern overview Dogs, trains Apple, a miniature horse, come be her companion and surrogate eyes.
Two sister on the cusp the adulthood, Elle and also Joy, spend a final week before embarking top top their following music tour visiting friends and preparing for the going far party they intend to host. Their apprehensions about throwing the party room universally validated when their divorce mother and also father, and also both of your ex-girlfriends, converge top top the party, leaving tragedy in the wake of what they had envisioned as a unifying celebration. In the results of this fateful night, Elle and Joy space left through the sobering yet liberating fact that they can only rely on each other.
Expecting Amish is a 2014 American tv drama film produced and directed by Richard Gabai. That stars AJ Michalka, Jesse McCartney, Alyson Stoner, Cayden Boyd, Aurelia Scheppers, and also Avery Kristen Pohl.
Silicon valley is one American comedy television collection created by Mike Judge, john Altschuler and also Dave Krinsky, that premiered top top April 6, 2014, ~ above HBO. The series focuses on five young guys who found a startup firm in Silicon Valley. A sixth and final season consisting of 7 episodes premiered top top October 27, 2019, and also concluded on December 8, 2019.
An imaginative teenage girl, living in a mystical and also dangerous community constructed on a deserted drive-in movie lot follow me the Texas/Oklahoma border, battles to realize her potential, and also escape the civilization she to be born into.

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Steven cosmos is an American animated television collection created by Rebecca Sugar because that Cartoon Network. That is Cartoon Network"s very first animated collection to be developed solely through a woman. It is the coming-of-age story the a young boy, Steven world (voiced by Zach Callison), who resides with the crystal Gems—magical, humanoid aliens named Garnet (Estelle), Amethyst (Michaela Dietz), and also Pearl (Deedee Magno Hall)—in the fictional town of beach City. Steven, that is half-Gem, has adventures v his friends and also helps the Gems protect the world from their very own kind. That pilot was very first shown on might 21, 2013, and also the collection premiered top top November 4, 2013. That fifth and final season concluded in January 2019. The TV film Steven Universe: The Movie to be released ~ above September 2, 2019, and also an epilogue limited series, Steven cosmos Future, premiered ~ above December 7, 2019.