For"s Al Roker, the silver- lining of lockdown life during the coronavirus epidemic has been obtaining to spend more time with his son.

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In the October/November 2020 execution of AARP The Magazine, Al opens up around one unique gift the keeps happen his quarantine life into focus: his 18-year-old son, Nick.

“The nicest part about this experience has been spending much more time with Nick, and watching him grow and also learn,” Al, 66, shares in the article. “You desire the best for your kids, and also this duration has to be hard due to the fact that all our normal routines have actually just to be turned upside down. But Nick is adaptable.”

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Nick, that is the youngest the Al"s 3 children, is on the autism spectrum. He’s had actually developmental delays since infancy; at period 3, that hardly talked and also could barely walk. Nevertheless, in current years Al and also his wife, abc News senior correspondent Deborah Roberts, have actually watched Nick blossom right into a black belt in taekwondo, an completed swimmer through two yellow medals from one-of-a-kind Olympics brand-new York, and also the primary cross bearer top top the prayer team at their church.


During quarantine, Nick has actually been growing in a whole new role: together Al’s right-hand guy in “What We’re Cooking,” an IGTV collection of videos whereby Al prepares favorite recipes, whips up funny dishes from leftovers, shares grilling tips and more. Al explains the evolution of the “What We’re Cooking” Instagram videos in the AARP article.

“Nick started running the camera, then began commenting indigenous the wings, and also before i knew it, boom, he was like any kind of other good broadcaster — trying to pad his component and law his best to take over,” Al explains.

“He knows exactly when to give his dad a tiny zing top top camera,” the proud father continues. “The audience loves it. There were a couple of weeks when Nick couldn’t carry out the show due to the fact that of other commitments, and we just put the entirety thing on hiatus, because nobody really wants to check out me at house without mine star sidekick.”

Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic took hold, Al frequently praised his kid for help him have fun, relax and also maintain a positive and also grateful outlook in life. Over the years, the father and also son have shared your “manly” manicure-pedicure rituals, their determination to choose out the perfect Christmas tree together and other adventures ~ above and also social media.

Through your involvement with the yearly ADAPT management Awards Gala, Al and also his mam Deborah have dubbed on world to be more open and accepting of children with distinct needs.

“Being in the home together all the time deserve to be daunting for anyone, and also it’s particularly hard as soon as your child has additional needs,” Al acknowledges in the AARP article. “But i’m so proud of the person Nick is becoming, and so glad I have this extra time to view him maturing right into an adult.”

It"s "really important," Al says, "and among the presents of this monster pandemic moment, come bond together father and also son.”

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