When U.S. Rep. Glen Grothman to be asked around some of President Donald Trump"s controversial comments, the Republican responded at an event honoring the so late Martin Luther King Jr. The President Barack Obama invited civil civil liberties activist Al Sharpton come the White house on many occasions.

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 “The past president brought Al Sharpton into the White residence something choose 80 times,” Grothman said on Monday at a Ripon college event. “That was type of stunning come me, but nobody ever before made a huge ruckus out of it.”

Grothman"s comment were an initial reported through the Ripon commonwealth Press. 

Grothman stated that some of Trump’s tweets have actually been “unhelpful,” but also said the he sees the president together someone who is make the efforts to hold together the country.

“I think he is law what he deserve to to shot to bring people together,” Grothman said. “I mean, if you accomplish him, that is just obvious, and also I think he has had to put up with — to a specific extent it’s self-inflicted — more scrutiny than other presidents.”

Critics the Obama, consisting of former new York City mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, have actually made a allude out of noting that Sharpton to be a frequent visitor to the White residence when Obama to be president. 

The Washington short article reported Sharpton had actually 72 recorded main visits come the White House in between 2009 and late December of 2014. 

Grothman told those at the King occasion that America is a tolerant country.

“Something i think that’s shed in this discussion is, ns think America itself as compared to various other places around the globe and other times, is around the many diverse, tolerant ar you’re going to find,” Grothman said.

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He pointed to ethnic dispute in Ethiopia, separatist movements in Spain and racial prejudice in counties like Brazil and India.

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