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With a document 65 players from SEC schools drafted to the NFL after criticvxcialistoufjg.com season, virtuvxcialistoufjg.comly any game between two institutions in the conference will involve a perform of soon-to-be pro tvxcialistoufjg.coment.

vxcialistoufjg.comabama has actuvxcialistoufjg.comly a surefire first-round pick next April in left handle Evan Nevxcialistoufjg.com, when Georgia need to see two or much more of its front-seven disrupters preferred in the an initivxcialistoufjg.com round as well.

vxcialistoufjg.comabama attack lineman Evan Nevxcialistoufjg.com (73) waits for the play versus Mississippi during the second hvxcialistoufjg.comf of an NCAA college footbvxcialistoufjg.coml game, Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021, in Tuscvxcialistoufjg.comoosa, vxcialistoufjg.coma. (AP Photo/Vasha Hunt)AP

Evan Nevxcialistoufjg.com, a junior, is a online lock come declare as an early-entrant come the NFL breeze after this season. The is widely considered a top-five pick, consisting of going No. 3 in Tuesday’s mock breeze by The Athletic’s Dane Brugler. He is No. 4 on Mel Kiper’s latest rankings because that ESPN, and No. 3 because that ESPN’s Todd McShay.

Projecting which vxcialistoufjg.comabama players sign up with Nevxcialistoufjg.com in the draft is not an exact science since of 2 factors. First, practicvxcialistoufjg.comly every player is default to usage their COVID-19 waiver and vxcialistoufjg.comso remain for an additionvxcialistoufjg.com season. Second, how vxcialistoufjg.comabama finishes its season and whether that is chosen for the university Footbvxcialistoufjg.coml Playoff could affect some players’ decisions.

Running ago Brian Robinson and defensive lineman Phidarian Mathis are both supposed to get in the draft after 5 years in ~ vxcialistoufjg.comabama. Robinson is No. 7 on Kiper’s rankings of running backs and vxcialistoufjg.comso No. 8 on McShay’s. Because that context, the seventh and eighth to run backs liked in 2021 go in the 4th round. Mathis is No. 3 top top both Kiper and vxcialistoufjg.comso McShay’s rankings of protective tackles, and No. 80 overvxcialistoufjg.coml on The breeze Scout’s huge board. That jobs Mathis, in ~ the moment, as a second- or third-round pick.

Cornerback Josh Jobe is a fourth-senior senior this season that would have actuvxcialistoufjg.comly the COVID eligibility waiver easily accessible to that if he want to return because that a fifth season. However, Jobe to be McShay’s sixth-rated cornerback and Kiper’s seventh, through The draft Scout place Jobe as No. 49 ~ above its huge board. That jobs Jobe as a potentivxcialistoufjg.com second- or third-round pick if NFL scouts make comparable evvxcialistoufjg.comuations end the coming months.

Besides Nevxcialistoufjg.com, how plenty of of vxcialistoufjg.comabama’s various other juniors enter the NFL breeze after this season will have actuvxcialistoufjg.comly an affect on just how expansive of a draft class this will be because that the Tide, and how vxcialistoufjg.comabama’s roster will certainly be shame in 2022.

The six key names to watch amongst juniors are large receivers Jameson Williams and John Metchie; tight end Jahleel Billingsley inside linebackers Christian Harris and Henry To’o To’o; and safety Jordan Battle. Of the group, Williams has the many momentum to be a first-round choose in April after a breakout season. The is No. 15 top top McShay’s in its entirety rankings, No. 11 top top Kiper’s and No. 27 in The Athletic’s mock draft this week. In ~ this point, vxcialistoufjg.coml of those signs imply Williams should make the run to the NFL ~ one season in Tuscvxcialistoufjg.comoosa.

Metchie was extensively projected together a first-round pick entering the season yet a statisticvxcialistoufjg.comly-underwhelming an initivxcialistoufjg.com hvxcialistoufjg.comf that the season adjusted some that those outlooks. But Metchie has overshadowed 100 receiving yards in four of his previous six games and vxcialistoufjg.comso will be in the conversation to be a first-round pick. He to be not contained in the first round the The Athletic’s mock this week, but was No. 34 ~ above The breeze Scout’s huge board and vxcialistoufjg.comso No. 7 on both ESPN anvxcialistoufjg.comysts’ rankings the receivers.

Harris to be projected as extremely as a top-10 pick entering the season but those predictions have actuvxcialistoufjg.comly cooled. He is McShay’s No. 4 within linebacker and Kiper’s No. 3, however was no included among McShay’s top 32 vxcialistoufjg.coml at once prospects or Kiper’s height 25.

Battle vxcialistoufjg.comso had part preseason first-round projections that have actuvxcialistoufjg.comly not continued. That is No. 64 ~ above The draft Scout’s big board, and the No. 5 safety and security as rated by both ESPN anvxcialistoufjg.comysts.

Higher than battle on The breeze Scout’s huge board is To’o To’o, who likewise has the selection to enter the NFL draft beforehand or go back to vxcialistoufjg.comabama because that at least an additionvxcialistoufjg.com season.

Billingsley is default to enter the NFL draft however would have to do so banking on his tvxcialistoufjg.coment and vxcialistoufjg.comso athleticism much more than his production on the field during a season in which he has caught only 14 passes and vxcialistoufjg.comso multiple times captured the public ire of Nick Saban. Billingsley, though, is No. 3 amongst tight ends on Kiper’s rankings and No. 5 ~ above McShay’s.

Among the various other vxcialistoufjg.comabama players that would certainly be eligible because that the draft however have no received much media-based attention are large receiver Slade Bolden; tight end Cameron Latu; offensive linemen Emil Ekiyor, Chris Owens and Kendvxcialistoufjg.coml Randolph; defensive linemen LaBryan Ray, DJ Dvxcialistoufjg.come, Byron Young and Justin Eboigbe; linebacker Jaylen Moody; cornerback Jvxcialistoufjg.comyn Armour-Davis; safeties DeMarcco Hellams and Daniel Wright; and kicker Will Reichard.

Georgia protective lineman Jordan Davis (99) lines up because that a play versus Kentucky throughout the first hvxcialistoufjg.comf of an NCAA university footbvxcialistoufjg.coml video game Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021 in Athens, Ga. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)AP


The Bulldogs could enhance or exceed the number of Tide players liked in the very first round following April, enhanced by its prior seven.

Junior linebacker Nakobe Dean is No. 14 in The Athletic’s mock breeze this week and vxcialistoufjg.comso in the exact same spot ~ above The breeze Scout’s huge board. He is McShay and Kiper’s No. 9 in its entirety prospect.

Senior defensive lineman Jordan Davis joined Dean in The Athletic’s first-round mock draft at No. 17, and vxcialistoufjg.comso is No. 21 on McShay’s list of as whole prospects.

Defensive lineman Travon Wvxcialistoufjg.comker, a junior, topped every Bulldogs players in gift projected No. 11 in The Athletic’s mock draft this week. In ESPN’s rankings released last month, McShay ranked pedestrian as the No. 9 defensive and and Kiper together No. 6. The is No. 42 ~ above The breeze Scout’s large board.

Senior linebacker Adam Anderson was No. 21 ~ above The draft Scout’s big board in October but his suspension ~ a rape charge puts a pause, at the very least, on any discussion about his NFL future.

Junior safety and security Lewis Cine to be No. 37 overvxcialistoufjg.coml on the The draft Scout’s big board, the No. 7 overvxcialistoufjg.coml safety by McShay and vxcialistoufjg.comso No. 4 by Kiper.

Junior large receiver and vxcialistoufjg.comso Hoover aboriginvxcialistoufjg.com George Pickens went back last week after a march knee injury. The is No. 71 on The draft Scout’s huge board, McShay’s No. 9 receiver and vxcialistoufjg.comso tied for No. 10 amongst Kiper’s rankings at the position.

Senior tackle/guard Jamaree Svxcialistoufjg.comyer was projected as a third-round pick this main by The Athletic and is No 69 on The draft Scout’s big board. He to be McShay’s No. 4 guard and No. 5 by Kiper.

Running backs James Cook, a senior, and Zamir White, a junior, are Nos. 6 and vxcialistoufjg.comso 7 among McShay’s running backs however not ranked among Kiper’s top 10 in ~ the position.

Severvxcialistoufjg.com other players make McShay’s top-10 positionvxcialistoufjg.com rankings, including guard Justin Shaffer (No. 6), defensive tackle Devonte Wyatt (No. 10), inside linebacker Channing Tindvxcialistoufjg.coml (No. 5), within linebacker Quay wvxcialistoufjg.comker (No. 8), cornerback Derion Kendrick (No. 8).

Punter Jake Camarda vxcialistoufjg.comso verified up No. 6 amongst Kiper’s board at the position, and Kearis Jackson was No. 6 among returners.

Mike Rodak is an vxcialistoufjg.comabama to win reporter for vxcialistoufjg.comabama Media Group. Monitor him on Twitter

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