The body of a 20-year-old university of Alabama college student was recovered Tuesday indigenous the black color Warrior River, leaving his family members devastated yet grateful for every who helped in the search.

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Garrett Winston James pedestrian was reported absent Sunday in Tuscaloosa. He was last watched leaving a Tuscaloosa bar around 1:15 a.m.

Tuscaloosa Police, Fire & Rescue divers, classmates, family and friends joined because that a multiday find that finished Tuesday through the discovery. His family members said there are no indigenous to explain their loss. 

Walker was a small at UA and also studying aerospace engineering. He was a private pilot v aviation suffer who determined the university as a means to monitor in his grandfather"s footsteps.

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"We to be so proud the him," his mother, Debbie Walker, said. "He was committed to his faith and his friends, he loved to learn, and was so excited around studying at the university of Alabama."

His father, Andrew Walker, said their son was "eager to do his note in the world" and "an superior young man."

Garrett pedestrian is survived by his parents, two twin brothers and also a sister. The family said the funds initially raised because that reward money will now be provided for a scholarship in his honor. 

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