Of every the nation music songs written in the wake up of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, nobody stands out much more thanAlanJackson"s "Where were You (When the world Stopped Turning)." It"s a an easy yet an effective song that expresses what american felt that history-shaping day.

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The "Gone Country" singer had actually no idea the tune would have actually such an affect and stated the idea involved him in the middle of the night. He common the story the the song"s inception withYahoo News:

"I woke up one morning about 4 a.m. A few weeks afterward, and had the chorus going with my head. The tune came the end of i do not have anything in the middle of the night -- just a gift. And I got up and also scribbled it down and also put the melody under so i wouldn"t forget it, and then the following day I started piecing all those verses together that were the think I"d had or visuals I"d had. It was a Sunday -- ns remember because, as soon as I started writing it, my wife and also girls had gone turn off to Sunday school, and also I perfect it that day. Prefer I said, that song was just a gift. I"ve never felt I might take credit transaction for creating it. Spring back, ns guess I simply didn"t want to forget just how I feeling on that day and how i knew other world felt."

The patriotic tune suited 2021"s national Memorial day Concert together we all near 9/11"s 20th anniversary.

Jackson also performed "Where to be You (When the civilization Stopped Turning)" throughout the ACM Awards back in 2015. Watch the performance in the video below.

"Where were You (When the human being Stopped Turning)" debuted together a single for Arista Nashville ~ above Nov. 26, 2001. It"s B-side was "Drive (For dad Gene)." the went top top to peak the Billboard Hot nation Songs chart.

It won Jackson a Grammy compensation for ideal Country song in addition to ACM and CMA Awards for track of the Year and solitary of the Year..

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This story originally ran top top Sept. 18, 2018.

"Where were You (when the people Stopped Turning)" Lyrics

Where to be you when the human being stopped turnin"That September day?Were girlfriend in the yard through your wife and also childrenOr workin" on some stage in L.A.?Did you stand there in shock in ~ the vision of that black color smokeRisin" versus that blue sky?Did girlfriend shout the end in anger, in are afraid for your neighborOr go you simply sit down and also cry?

Did girlfriend weep because that the children, they lost their dear loved onesPray because that the ones that don"t know?Did girlfriend rejoice for the civilization who walked indigenous the rubbleAnd sob for the ones left below?Did friend burst out through pride because that the red, white, and also blueAnd the heroes who died just doin" what they do?Did friend look as much as heaven because that some kind of answerAnd look in ~ yourself and also what yes, really matters?

I"m just a singer of basic songsI"m no a genuine political manI clock CNN, however I"m not sure I have the right to tell youThe diff"rence in Iraq and IranBut I understand Jesus and also I speak to GodAnd ns remember this from as soon as I to be youngFaith, hope, and also love room some great things He provided usAnd the best is love