Alan Rickman had actually serious doubts about Harry Potter after only two films into the struggle franchise. In an discovered interview, Rickman likened his personality to one “unchanging costume” and hinted the he was close come quitting when J.K. Rowling told him a secret about Snape that changed everything. This is a look at just how Rowling convinced Rickman come stick v Snape till the really end.


Alan Rickman at the premiere that ‘Harry Potter and also The Deathly Hallows – part 2’ | Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Rickman almost called it quits ~ above ‘Harry Potter’

Rickman portrayed Professor Severus Snape throughout all eight moviesin the Harry Potter franchise. Yet after appearing as Snape in HarryPotter and the chamber of Secrets, Rickman had doubts around his character’sfuture.

At the time, Rowling had actually only released the an initial four publications in the series and no one knew that Snape was much an ext than an antagonist for Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint), and Hermione (Emma Watson).

Believing his character to be nothing more than one “unchanging costume,” Rickman admitted the he required some persuading to keep playing Snape. During an interview with Empire, Rickman revealed that Rowling gave him a “small clue” around Snape’s future that encouraged him over there was more to the character than meets the eye.

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“Three youngsters have come to be adults due to the fact that a phone speak to with Jo Rowling, containing one little clue, encouraged me the there was an ext to Snape than an unchanging costume, and also that even though just three that the books were out at that time, she held the entire massive however delicate rigid in the surest of hands. The is an ancient need to be told stories. However the story needs a an excellent storyteller. Thanks for all of it, Jo,” Rickman shared.

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Rickman, who passed far in 2016, walk on to play the characteruntil the really last movie in the franchise, Harry Potter and also the DeathlyHallows — part 2. If Rickman never revealed what Rowling said him, theauthor told fans exactly what encouraged him to stick v the franchise.

What go Rowling tell Rickman?

In the last movie in the Harry Potter franchise, pan learned the Snape was a double agent and also was actually helping Harry, Hermione, and also Ron the whole time. Not only was he exhilaration on Dumbledore’s (Michael Gambon) orders, yet he was likewise madly in love through Harry’s mom, Lily, i m sorry is why he want to aid Harry in the first place.

When Dumbledore uncovered Snape’s love for Lily, that asked him,“After every this time?” to which Snape replied, “Always.”This to be featured in the book and the film adaptation, though pan werenot conscious of this until after they were released.

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Following Rickman’s passing, Rowling took to Twitter and also revealed exactly what she said the actor to keep him playing Snape. Rowling shared that she called him about Snape’s love because that Lily and also what words “always” meant.

“I told Alan what lies behind the word ‘always,’” she wrote.

Rickman passed far at the start of 2016 ~ a short battlewith pancreatic cancer. His final two movies were Eye in the Sky and AliceThrough the looking Glass. After ~ his death, fans developed a memorial in hismemory in ~ King’s overcome station near the 9 3/4’s sign.

The ‘Harry Potter’ author reveals the origins of Snape’s name

While fans recognize what Rowling said Rickman that preserved him in thefranchise, she recently revealed just how she came up through his character’s name.Most pan theorized that Rowling developed Snape’s first name from the Latinword, severus, which means severe.

Turns out, Rowling was motivated by something totally random once she come up through Snape’s name. Acquisition to Twitter, Rowling newly revealed her incentive for Rickman’s character come from a road sign the she typically passed when she was writing the first novel.

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“Real Harry Potter inspiration alert: ns walked past this sign every day on my way to occupational when ns was life in Clapham,” she stated. “Much later on – post-publication – ns revisited the area & unexpectedly realized THIS to be why ‘Severus’ had actually leapt right into my head as soon as thinking the a 1st name for Snape.”

Rowling post a picture of the roadway sign in addition to the post. The image plainly shows the name, Severus Road, which defines where she came up through the character. Although we know exactly how the take care of Potter writer came up through Snape’s first name, us still do not recognize the origins of the character’s last name.