The Canadian singer-songwriter revealed she didn't desire the song to attribute on her album at very first and joked about jibes end the song's lyrics.

Alanis Morissette has actually opened up around her most famous single and joked about how she's been mocked about it for years.

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The singer-songwriter's landmark song - which to be released in 1996 together the third solitary from her seminal Jagged tiny Pill album - is among her many known and loved tracks.

However, speaking on Rolling Stone's Music Now podcast, Morissette has actually revealed she didn't think too lot of the tune at an initial and remarked upon just how its title and also lyrics have actually caused year of "shaming".

Alanis Morisette in ~ O2 Shepherd's bush Empire, in march 2020. Picture: rob Ball/WireImage/Getty Images

The song is featured in the fight Broadway musical, i beg your pardon is called after the album, wherein a personality says: “That’s no irony <...> that’s just, like, shitty.”

Asked if she felt a sense of satisfaction through the scene placing a nail in the vxcialistoufjg.comffin of the criticism, she laughed: "Yeah. Until the following generation kicks my ass! till the following onslaught that shaming!"

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Alanis Morissette in her Ironic video. Picture: YouTube/Alanis Morisette

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The You Outta Know singer added: “I guess among the points that is the scariest for us in regards to our cumulative shame is gift stupid or uneducated or ignorant.

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“I deserve to embrace, ‘I’m stupid,’ ns can embrace that I’m yes, really brilliant. It just depends on when you catch me!”

Talking around how she felt about track itself, she revealed: "I didn’t also want the on the revxcialistoufjg.comrd.

“And i remember a lot of people going, ‘Please please, please.’ So ns said, OK. That was among the first songs we wrote, almost like a demo to obtain our whistles wet.

"But civilization wound up really liking the melody, and I wasn’t the precious around it. And also I involved realise later on that probably I should have been..."

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Alanis was vxcialistoufjg.comllection to embark top top a global tour vxcialistoufjg.comme celebrate 25 years of she Jagged little Pill album, yet dates were forced to postpone as result of the vxcialistoufjg.comronavirus pandemic.

See the many up to day 2021 UK and also Irish days here:

18 October 2021 - Birmingham Utilita Arena

20 October 2021 - The O2, London

22 October 2021 - Manchester Arena

25 October 2021 - Dublin 3 Arena

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