On flight 1401, ns stepped out of the airplane at 9:47 and the baggage landed on 10:11. The baggage insurance claim representative radioed in to check out if it would qualify because that the voucher, but the super Dan to be adamant that it no late. Might anyone share just how they’ve comment to this?


The 20-minute thing is useless. Ns rarely examine bags, but when ns do and also it’s delayed, it’s also delayed for 50 other people who likewise have come wait in line because that the one person who can provide them the promo code for a grasp of miles.

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Anyway, it’s not worth your time.

I just contact customer care and also tell them my bags no come in 20 minutes. I give them my trip number and they offer me the miles/voucher. It is it. I’ve never ever waited in heat to go watch a human to obtain a promo code. Simply call. I’ve excellent it this means three times. When I also waited a couple days prior to I remembered to call. I had actually no idea there to be another means to perform it

If you post customer organization they will provide you a credit or miles. I used to fly between LAX and one that the DC area airports multiple time a month native 2016-2020 and also it would always happen flying into BWI. As soon as in for bit the rep would provide me a hassle and want a display screen shot of the moment the flight landed and also something mirroring the time the package dropped and also I walk not have actually it. Going forward I constantly would carry out that. I simply took a picture of the screens. But I just did that if the was more than 10 minutes late. I still discovered that Alaska was a ton far better compared to the various other carriers. I would have actually done it in your case.

They should produce an online form to permit customers to document requests because that the package guarantee. Delta walk this and allows you as much as 3 job to request it, and additionally exposes their baggage tracking to you for better transparency. Alaska doesn’t present you their baggage tracking, requires you to request the miles/discount in person, and only offers you 2 hrs to do it. This is one area where Alaska can improve on.

The timing is from the time the cargo door is opened to first bag is scanned. If the 20 or less then that meets the time limit. Overlapping bags space exempt indigenous the guarantee.

That’s no what the website claims? “If your bags space not at baggage case within 20 minutes of her plane’s arrival at the gate, we’ll offer you a $25 discount password for use on a future Alaska airline flight, or 2,500 Alaska airlines Mileage Plan™ bonus miles.” from https://www.alaskaair.com/content/travel-info/baggage/baggage-claim/20-minute-guarantee

There are absolutely exceptions because that oversized bags, international flights, and a flight in between Anchorage and also Dutch Harbor.

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We get the voucher practically every flight… I never ever see anyone else asking for one. Free miles is free miles… I start a timer on mine phone when the door opens.