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Seven years after leaving she hometown the Homer, Alaska, singer-songwriter Jewel Kilcher, far better known together Jewel, is reuniting with her family members on the house in the brand-new season of discovery Channel’s Alaska: The critical Frontier.

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ET solely premieres the an initial trailer native the upcoming season, in i beg your pardon Jewel provides her debut on her family’s long-running truth series.

“I thrived up working livestock with mine dad <Atz Kilcher>,” Jewel says, as she wrangles cattle on the ranch. “I’m just real glad to it is in back.”

Jewel’s son, Kase Murray, with ex-husband, Ty Murray, will additionally be featured in the upcoming season, as the singer aims to present Kase a glimpse into how she was raised.

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Back in 1995, just ET was at house with a fresh-faced Jewel, then 21, and her dad in landscape Alaska, whereby she adorably struggled to remember every the indigenous to her future struggle single, “You Were expected for Me."

Twenty years later, throughout an to exclude, sit-down v ET in September 2015, Jewel spoke very of her Alaskan upbringing.

“I’m proud of whereby I’m from,” she said. “Alaska’s therefore beautiful and I love exactly how I was raised.”

Alaska: The last Frontier premieres Sunday, Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on exploration Channel.

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For an ext on Jewel’s exclusive interview with ET, watch the video below.

Jewel on the 20th Anniversary of 'Pieces the Me', and also Those Bombshells In Her book

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