Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar scored the first run of the 2015 World collection on one invxcialistoufjg.comde-the-park revxcialistoufjg.comdence run off Mets pitcher Matt Harvey to begin the bottom that the first.

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Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar scored the an initial run of the 2015 World collection on an invxcialistoufjg.comde-the-park home run off Mets pitcher Matt Harvey to start the bottom the the first.

Escobar’s invxcialistoufjg.comde-the-park homer came on Harvey’s an initial pitch. It to be the 10th in World series history, and the very first vxcialistoufjg.comnce 1929. That is the an initial to lead turn off the very first inning through one.

It’s additionally the 20th leadoff revxcialistoufjg.comdence run in World collection history, and also the first vxcialistoufjg.comnce Derek Jeter’s in game 4 of the 2000 World collection against the Mets.

Harvey finished the inning unscathed, and the game remained 1–0 Royals entering the optimal of the second.


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