If dry January feels also extreme, or you"re no interested in providing up her nightly glass of wine, walk ahead and also enjoy yourself, says Marisa Moore, R.D.N., a registered dietitian nutritionist in Atlanta, Georgia. She"s of the id that moderation deserve to be a good—and manageable—approach to imbibing. "Instead of spending too much power trying to make drink "healthy" or obsessing over sticking to a restrictive drink plan, I usually encourage moderation—which is approximately one drink per day because that women," claims Moore. However don"t forget: alcohol is reasonably calorie dense, so it can"t hurt to peruse a couple of types that boozy bevs that might skew a little on the "better-for-you" side of things.

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Calories in alcohol: They include up fast

One serving of alcohol—liquor, wine, beer—is about 100 calories, provide or take. Yet what yes, really ups the calorie counting of numerous drinks is the an easy syrups and sugary drink mixes, prefer cranberry juice and soda, that increase the sugar content of the cocktail. The biggies come avoid once making or ordering combined drinks:

- an easy syrup and also sugar- Fruit juices and also pre-made drink mixes, favor ones for margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas- Salt- Bacon- Maraschino cherries and other jarred or canned fruits drenched in syrup

How to make low-calorie alcoholic drinks

If you"re looking to lighten up your favorite boozy sips, try a couple of of Moore"s tasty top tips, both at home and also at the bar:

Go large on flavor: usage seasonal fruit to include sweetness and color come drinks, or incorporate a bold taste prefer ginger or even some spice. "Ginger and mint space two of mine favorite means to get huge flavor year-round, however rosemary in winter and also basil in summer room also great to impart a seasonal vibe," states Moore.

Try frozen fruit: This adds flavor and color, to add a little of nutrition. Drop frozen blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, or melon cubes into your drink because that a flavor burst-ice cube mix.

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Add part sparkle: utilizing tonic or sparkling water lends a slim effervescence to keep drinks interesting and festive, claims Moore.

And keep standard servings in mind: One offer of beer is 12 ounces, alcohol is 5 ounces, and also liquor is 1.5 ounces (a shoot glass).

With every this in mind, us asked registered dietitians for tips on how to pick the healthiest alcoholic drinks, and rounded up some good brands to try for yourself.


Calorie count: Less than 100

For the shortest calorie brunch cocktails, protect against the pitcher the mimosas, which have the right to be high in sugar, because of the fruit juices. A bloody mar is a healthy option, but to keep the calorie low, Ansari says mixing it yourself. Premixed or packaged execution can variety anywhere indigenous 200 to 400 calories.

“Combine one ounce of vodka with a smaller portion of new tomato juice, and add just a dash that Worcestershire and also Tabasco sauces," she says. This keeps the salt low while lending flavor. Don"t be fear to additionally use spices to infuse heat—a little goes a long way.

Here"s a cool hack that conserves time and also helps you stop packaged mixes: shot using Otamot essential Spicy Sauce, which will lend friend the bite and tomatoey kindness you"re looking for, with much less sodium and also a sneaky dose of extra veggies.


Calorie count: 103

Not all beer will give you a belly. Irradiate beers have tendency to be roughly 50 calories much less than regular brews. “Although this might not sound significant, that is once you’re pairing a glass of beer through dinner,” Ansari says. “Adding unnecessary calorie from liquids have the right to prevent friend from conference your desired health goals.”

In general, the lighter the beer, the better, states Lisa Moskovitz, R.D., C.D.N., a dietitian based in new York City. “Typically, the darker the beer is, the much more calories it contains,” she explains. In other words, stick v saisons, wheats and sours end stouts once you can.

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Calorie count: 120

A glass that rosé deserve to be one of the easiest low-calorie drink to order—as long as it’s not as well sweet, Moskovitz says. Continue to be away from dessert rosés, which have the right to be high in sugar. Dominance of thumb: The greater the alcohol percentage, the greater the calories in any kind of given bottle, for this reason look because that labels with a lower alcohol through volume (ABV) to keep the calorie content as low as possible.

Try: Avaline, an organic wine free of additive and included sugars; or, if you"re a rosé superfan, obtain bottles delivered straight from Dry farm yard Wines, purveyors the sugar-free all-natural wines.

Calorie count: 90-96 calories

Brut or extra-brut champagne means "dry," so there"s naturally less sugar in them. Sparkling wines are usually very acidic, so part sugar has actually been added to them to counter the flavors. Usually speaking, extra-brut champagne has 0.6 percent residual sugar every liter contrasted to a demi-sec, which has actually 3.3 come 5 percent. So if you want to bespeak something sparkling and slightly sweet come sip on, a flute of extra-brut champagne is the method to go.

Try: Santa Margherita prosecco or sparkling rose, or splurge because that Ca" del Bosco, a high-quality timeless Italian champagne

Calorie count: 120

If you can’t component with tonic water, save the calories short by choosing diet. “Regular tonic is rich in sugar and also calories, however you can reduced at the very least 60 calories by picking diet tonic and a splash of consistent tonic,” Ansari says. You could also swap it v sparkling water. Get creative with your garnishes by topping it through a youth of new rosemary or a slice of grapefruit to loan it an ext flavor. The presentation and also taste will save you satisfied.

Try: Gray Whale Gin, distilled indigenous organic California botanicals prefer juniper and also mint, or ritual Zero proof Gin Alternative.

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Calorie count: 121

White wine deserve to be an easy low-calorie sip, as lengthy as you stay away from sweeter varieties favor rieslings or prosecco. “Dry white wines such together pinot blanc, chardonnay, pinot grigio, and also sauvignon blanc are much better low-calorie versions," Ansari says. They"re just as satisfying as various other alcoholic beverages that are greater in calories, she adds.

Try: Avaline essential white blend, or if you"re not certain what type of white you like, you have the right to take a tasting quiz at Bright Cellars, a wine distribution service, to find your perfect sip.

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Calories: 90

Kombucha has become a renowned fermented health drink, thanks to that is high probiotic content. Kombucha is commonly made with tea and also sweetened through sugar, which is consumed by the SCOBY, a starter bacteria. Because it"s a fizzy flavored drink the boasts part gut benefits, it provides a great mixer through an oz of vodka. Simply be responsibility of the street in kombucha and also stick to low-sugar varieties.

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Save you yourself a step: shot female-owned Luna only Booch Co. Difficult kombucha, easily accessible in very delicious flavors choose Palo Santo Blueberry, Ginger Lemon, and also Hibiscus Lavender.