The MLB postseason field is officially collection after a chaotic final weekend of constant season games. After widening the playoffs to 16 groups in the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, normalcy has returned v the 10-team ar in 2021.

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This year postseason has all the ingredients for an instant classic. Four of the many notable organizations in baseball will complete in the wild map games, and two 100-win teams are already locked into the department series.

Here’s a full primer for the 2021 MLB playoffs:

What is the 2021 MLB playoff format?

The 2021 MLB playoffs format is the exact same as it has been since 2012 -- with the exception of 2020.

It starts with the AL and also NL wild map games, one video game for each v the winner automatically advancing come the League department Series come play the peak seed in their respective league.

The League division Series consists of a best-of-five battle, with the top seed encountering the wild card winner and the other two division winners dealing with each other. The winner the those two series for each organization will advance to the best-of-seven organization Championship Series.

Whoever wins the ALCS and also NLCS will complete in the 2021 world Series, i beg your pardon is a best-of-seven style with home ar given to the team with the much better regular season record. The team with home ar gets to play in its stadion for the an initial two gamings of the series, climate returns because that a potential 6th game and also seventh game.

2021 MLB playoff bracket

The AL and also NL wild card gamings weren’t officially locked in till the final day the the constant season. Things couldn’t have set up any much better on the AL side, through the brand-new York Yankees visiting the Boston Red Sox in ~ Fenway Park after both groups posted a 92-70 record in the continual season. The Red Sox deserve home ar after to win the season series 10-9, therefore this matchup is around as also as it can get.

The NL also features two renowned organizations, as the St. Luigi Cardinals play the Los Angeles Dodgers in Hollywood. The Dodgers had actually the second-best record in baseball this season in ~ 106-56, but lost the NL West to the san Francisco Giants through one game and were compelled into the wild card. St. Louis speak a 17-game win streak in September to run away v the second wild map spot, finishing the season in ~ 90-72.

Three groups in each organization secured automatic berths come the League department Series. In the AL, the Tampa bay Rays have actually the optimal seed and will challenge the winner the Yankees-Red Sox if the No. 2 seed Houston Astros will confront the No. 3 particle Chicago White Sox. The aforementioned Giants very own the NL’s optimal seed, encountering the winner of Cardinals-Dodgers. The No. 2 seed Milwaukee Brewers will play the No. 3 seed Atlanta Braves in the various other series.

Here’s a look at the full bracket:

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— MLB (
MLB) October 4, 2021

What is the 2021 MLB playoff schedule?

The postseason starts this week, through the AL Wild Card game on Tuesday (Oct. 5) at 8:08 p.m. ET and the NL Wild Card game on Wednesday (Oct. 6) in ~ 8:10 p.m. ET. It’ll be new York’s Gerrit Cole versus Boston’s Nathan Eovaldi top top Tuesday, through St. Louis’ Adam Wainwright dealing with Los Angeles’ Max Scherzer ~ above Wednesday.

The American League division Series starts Thursday (Oct. 7) through the rays hosting the AL wild card winner and also the Astros hosting the White Sox for game 1. The AL will play again Friday prior to one day off, then two much more games, another day off and then the potential game Game 5 ~ above Wednesday, Oct. 13. The nationwide League department Series starts Friday (Oct. 8) through the same style -- two games, someday off, two games, one day off and then the potential game 5 top top Thursday, Oct. 14.

Regardless that how easily the first round series conclude, the league Championship collection dates are currently set. The ALCS is collection to begin on Friday, Oct. 15, with ensuing games on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday*, Friday* and also Saturday*. The NLCS starts one day after that Saturday, Oct. 16, and plays again on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday*, Saturday* and also Sunday*. The final three games of both the ALCS and NLCS are just played if necessary.

The 2021 World series begins ~ above Tuesday, Oct. 26. Similar to the ALCS and also NLCS, there will certainly be 2 games, sooner or later off, three games, someday off and also then two games. The final three games are played if necessary, however once one team wins 4 games, the collection is over. Video game 7 that the World series would be played on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

Who is favored to win the 2021 people Series?

Despite being one video game from removed by play in the wild map game, the Dodgers room favored to repeat together World series champions, follow to our partner, PointsBet. The Dodgers have actually a stack rotation led through deadline salvation Scherzer, young star pedestrian Buehler and 20-game winner Julio Urias. Los Angeles has actually plenty of pop at the dish, too, boasting 6 players that hit 20 or more home runs -- not consisting of 2020 World collection MVP Corey Seager, who had six homers in L.A.’s last seven games after one injury-riddle season.

The Rays and also Astros are favored come come the end of the American League, which provides sense given they room the top two seeds and also the last 2 AL World series representatives. Tampa Bay and Houston played a trembling seven-game collection in the ALCS critical fall, through the beam advancing. The Astros have actually made the ALCS in 4 straight years, win it twice (2017, 2019). The Rays, meanwhile, lost to the Dodgers in the World series last year however won 100 games in 2021.

Two that the sport’s most successful franchises are the biggest longshots to win the civilization Series. The Red Sox have actually won four titles since 2004, most of any team, v their last coming in 2018 -- which was additionally their last playoff appearance. Lock snuck right into the playoffs v a comeback victory on the last day the the season, however they will have to take under the rival Yankees and also Rays simply to reach the ALCS. The Cardinals were baseball’s hottest team in September, though a date with the Dodgers looms. St. Louis has made the World collection four times since 2004, losing to the Red Sox twice and winning its other two appearances.

Here are the full odds to victory the 2021 civilization Series:

Los Angeles Dodgers, +375Tampa just Rays, +600Houston Astros, +600San Francisco Giants, +650Chicago White Sox, +700Milwaukee Brewers, +700Atlanta Braves, +1100New York Yankees, +1300Boston Red Sox, +1800St. Louis Cardinals, +1800

Editor"s note: all odds are provided by our partner, PointsBet. PointsBet is our main Sports Betting Partner and we may receive compensation if you location a gambling on PointsBet because that the first time after clicking our links.

2021 MLB playoff predictions

This can go horribly wrong in a hurry, especially with the hesitation of the solitary elimination wild map format. We’ll begin there, though, and also I’m going v the Dodgers and Red Sox to advance to the NLDS and ALDS, respectively. Scherzer merely won’t enable the Dodgers come lose, and they’ll usage their postseason endure to acquire by the red-hot Cardinals. Red Sox-Yankees is much much more of a coin flip, yet Cole hasn’t been sharp because suffering a hamstring injury in September. This is a bet on Boston’s offense much more than its pitching, i beg your pardon is amongst the worst in the playoffs.

Things get even more difficult in the following round. Giants-Dodgers coming in the NLDS feels for this reason wrong ~ they were the two best teams all year. Mountain Francisco just has some type of magic touch this year, and also they’ll knock off the defending champions. The Braves to be a nice story during the consistent season ~ battling so many injuries, however they play in the worst division and have the worst record of any type of team in the playoffs. The Brewers advance to face the Giants.

On the AL side of the bracket, the Rays will certainly dispatch the Red Sox in what have to be a reasonably easy series. Boston doesn’t key well enough or play defense at a high enough level to complete with Tampa Bay. Astros-White Sox might be the best collection of the LDS. It’ll walk the distance, however Houston has too much fire power on violation to shed to the young White Sox.

That sets increase Brewers-Giants in the NLCS and also Rays-Astros in the ALCS. Not exactly the sexy, large market matchups MLB could want, yet there will certainly be some great baseball played. Milwaukee has actually an tremendous pitching employee featuring 3 starters that have an ERA under three and also closer mock Hader is 34 for 35 on save attempts. They won the season collection 4-3 over mountain Francisco, and that’ll it is in a repeat in the NLCS. Brewers win game 7 in ~ Oracle Park in san Fran.

Whether fans like it or not (they don’t), the Astros have ongoing to beat winning baseball also after the sign-stealing scandal. They were within one video game of the World collection last year and also they’ll perform one far better in 2021, exacting revenge ~ above the Rays. Young stars Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker join pressures with established veterans Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa to type the best lineup in baseball. That’ll be sufficient to acquire them to the people Series, also if the rotation isn’t fairly where it used to be.

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The World series pits two groups who flourish in opposite areas. Houston led the organization in runs, hits and batting average. Milwaukee led the league in strikeouts and was third in ERA and quality starts. The Astros room making their fifth straight playoff appearance, the Brewers are making your fourth. In a six-game series, I have actually the Astros win the 2021 human being Series. Sorry, America.