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In 2007, Alec Baldwin was having actually custody problems with ex-wife Kim Basinger, over their then-11-year-old daughter Ireland. ~ Ireland to let go a scheduled phone call, Baldwin lost his temper and left her a voicemail blog post that ended up being made public. Listed below is an audio-video if you want to listen to the well known message.

In the voicemail, Baldwin said, “You have actually insulted me because that the critical time … girlfriend don’t have the brain or the decency together a human being being. I don’t offer a damn that you’re 12 year old or 11 year old or that you’re a child, or that your mom is a thoughtless pains in the ass that doesn’t care about what girlfriend do, as far as I’m involved … You’ve made me feel prefer shit … I’m gonna straighten her ass out once I check out you. I’m walk to really make certain you acquire it … I’ll let you know exactly how I yes, really feel about what a thoughtless little pig girlfriend are. You room a rude, little pig, okay?”

Alec Baldwin was Suicidal

During an interview on great Morning America, Baldwin admitted that the voicemail left him suicidal and created a stress, overload on his connection with his daughter. Follow to People, Baldwin said, “It’s a scab that never heals cause it’s gift picked in ~ all the time by other people. My daughter, that’s hurt her in a long-term way.”

Baldwin stated that his suicidal thoughts to be “very serious” and also he said, “I spoke to a many professionals, who helped me If i committed suicide, would have thought about that a victory. Destroying me was your avowed goal.”

Baldwin determined to appear on The View to open up around this, explaining that, “Whoopi Goldberg is a friend. I referred to as her and said, ‘Do friend think i can get a same shake?’ because when girlfriend talk about family law and also parental alienation, there is this unfortunate gender-based dynamic. Could I walk right into a display with a strong female audience? would certainly they understand my allude of view? ns trusted Whoopi and also Barbara Walters. Whoopi is one impeccably decent person, and I am grateful she gave me a forum.”

Alec Baldwin’s Harvey Levin Feud end the Voicemail

TMZ to be the an initial outlet to make the well known voicemail public and when Baldwin spoke around TMZ head Harvey Levin, he called him “a human being tumor, a graceless personality who resides in the weird netherworld.” Baldwin walk on to say, that “When that voicemail tape thing happened, Matt Lauer interviewed Levin prior to he even called me. Lauer placed Levin top top Today, and also they never ever phoned me. As soon as it’s in their attention to reach me, they know how. I observed that and also said, ‘My relationship with the Today present is over.’ I’ll never do Today again, ever. Life’s as well short.”

Baldwin additionally opened up around the voicemail incident in his memoir, “Nevertheless”.

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The Hollywood Reporter stated that in the memoir, Baldwin admitted come regretting the voicemail, but still having tough feelings towards his ex-wife, Basinger, from that time.