Ueli Steck, that with other mountaineer David Goettler discovered the bodies of Alex Lowe and also David Bridges, states they left the bodies together they uncovered them


Alex Lowe climbs at good Sail Peak, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Canada. Photograph: Gordon Wiltsie/National Geographic/Getty Images
Alex Lowe climbs at great Sail Peak, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Canada. Photograph: Gordon Wiltsie/National Geographic/Getty Images

The bodies of two renowned us climbers, found in Tibet 16 year after they died on among the world’s tallest mountains, have been left untouched out of respect, one of the mountaineers who uncovered the stays said ~ above Monday.

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Alex Lowe and also David Bridges were brushed up away by an avalanche in 1999, during their effort to range the world 14th greatest peak, Shishapangma.

Ueli Steck that Switzerland and also David Goettler of Germany, that were attempting the very same South confront route to the 26,291ft peak, stumbled upon the body of the pair, encased in ice, at an altitude the 19,356ft.

“The bodies were two meters <6ft> apart,” Steck said Reuters after returning to the Nepali funding of Kathmandu from neighboring Tibet.

A charity run by Lowe’s widow, Jenni Lowe-Anker, announced the uncover on 2 May.

Steck and Goettler, who had actually heard around the loss of the climbers on the same course 16 years ago, descended to their advanced base camp, collection up in ~ 18,700ft. Goettler referred to as Conrad Anker, who was part of the 1999 expedition, describing your findings.

“We go not understand them and we could not identify them,” Steck said, exterior his hotel in Kathmandu.

Based ~ above the description, Anker had small doubt the the identities of the 2 bodies, as their clothing, boots and also backpacks suitable the gear Lowe and also Bridges had when they disappeared.

“We did not touch them out of respect and left the bodies on the mountain in the same position as us had uncovered ,” stated the 40-year-old mountaineer native Interlaken, Switzerland.

Bodies of climbers who perish in the Himalayas remain buried under the snow and also emerge as the ice cream melts or glaciers move.

Lowe, that was 40, was related to as the finest American mountaineer of his generation when he and also Bridges were swept away during an expedition that aimed to ski down Shishapangma.

Lowe’s achievements included two climbs to the peak of mount Everest, the world’s highest possible peak, several first ascents in Antarctica and also dozens of much less prominent yet highly technical ascents.

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Steck and Goettler made 2 attempts to with the summit that Shishapangma this month, but failed due to the fact that of poor weather.