Morgan is one of three women obtaining their very own SI Swim cover, joined by model-turned-mogul Tyra Banks and SI Swimsuit Rookie Camille Kostek

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Swimsuit problem 2019

Soccer star Alex Warren posing during her 2019 Sports depicted Swimsuit photo shoot in Saint Lucia.

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Sports portrayed Swimsuit is continuing its tradition of sustaining motivational and also aspirational women. And also this year, the hotly anticipated newspaper is profiling three varied stars on three different covers.

Alex Morgan, forward because that the U.S. Women’s national soccer team, joins Tyra Banks and also Camille Kostek, posing for very own SI Swim cover.

For she shoot, Morgan to be photographed in St. Lucia through Ben watt wearing a blue bikini by swimwear brand Fae. (Shop her exact “Gypsy” top and “Bella” bottom here!)

Marking Morgan’s 3rd appearance in the issue, she collaborated through SI Swimsuit by helping select three extr U.S. Nationwide Women’s soccer team members to get involved in the shoot: Megan Rapinoe, crystal Dunn and also Abby Dahlkemper. When shoot, the group was held at the Marigot just Resort and also Marina in Saint Lucia.

“Alex Morgan means feminine strength and power, utilizing her voice to fight for sex discrimination and equal pay,” says SI Swimsuit Editor MJ Day.

In March, Morgan and all her teammates top top the U.S. Women’s national soccer team — which holds a record-breaking three world Cup championships and also four Olympic gold medals — filed a sex discrimination lawsuit versus the United states Soccer Federation.

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Not only are the females fighting because that fair paychecks, they’re additionally highlighting the discrepancies between where lock play, exactly how they travel to matches, and also the medical treatment castle receive, in what the team dubbed “institutionalized gender discrimination,” according to The new York Times.

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“This isn’t just about us; It’s about women in every industries,” Morgan said in a recent interview through “Women fight because that equality every single day. Our expect is the we not only collection up ourselves, we collection up the next generation together well.”

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The 2019 concern of SI Swimsuit functions a varied group of 34 women and continues come put focus on mrs empowerment and also inclusivity. This year’s theme, “Shattering Perceptions,” to adjust an intention come “redefine the cultural conversation around beauty by celebrate a varied group of women.”

It’s been a year complete of large achievements because that the football star, who was additionally named among Time magazine’s 100 many influential civilization of 2019, call the honor a “dream” on Instagram.

For the Time 100, Olympic gold medalist and a FIFA Women’s world Cup champion Mia Hamm created the adhering to tribute come Morgan: “When us watch Alex Morgan play the game she loves, it’s simple to watch why she’s performing at together an especially level. She’s fast, strong and fearless. Alex proceeds to add so much confidence and range to she game. The should additionally excite us to understand that she’s play the ideal soccer of she career, and also that this summer she’ll do every little thing it take away to help her team defend the human being Cup castle reclaimed four years ago.”

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