Actors Scott Caan (Danny Williams), in irradiate blue shirt, and Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett), in dark blue, prepare come shoot a “Hawaii Five-0" step at Haunama just State Park follow me the south shore that Oahu.
Fans the two popular TV mirrors filmed top top Oahu have the right to now visit few of the locations popular with their directors.

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Timmy Chinn, CBS’ longtime ar manager for “Hawaii Five-0” whose duties now encompass the relaunch the “Magnum, P.I.,” is happy come share the “wheres” for countless of the shows’ breathtaking backdrops but not the “whens” McGarrett or Magnum can be shooting a scene.

“We’re not enabled to tell the general public where we’re going to be,” Chinn said. “People choose to watch, yet we don’t favor disturbances.”


Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez) finds self in one of his usual tight spots during a scene from “Magnum P.I.” This scene to be shot at Kualoa Ranch ~ above the island’s eastern side.
The reincarnation of “Magnum P.I.’ stars Jay Hernandez as exclusive investigator thomas Sullivan Magnum. The original display starred Tom Selleck and also ran for eight seasons.

“Beyond the reality that it no star Tom Selleck and also that these are not the 1980s, over there is nothing wrong with the reborn, easy rebooted ‘Magnum P.I.,’ which… joins ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ ‘S.W.A.T. And ‘MacGyver’ in the CBS residence of Reborn, Rebooted Mysteries,” L.A. Times TV movie critic Robert Lloyd wrote in his evaluate of the redo.

The initial “Hawaii Five-0,” starring Jack Lord and also James MacArthur, do its debut in 1968. Steve McGarrett, play by Lord, to be the square-jawed great guy who success in nabbing the worst the the negative guys was often punctuated with the pronouncement to his right-hand man, Danny Williams (MacArthur), “Book ’em, Danno.”

Many that the places are open up to the public and also most space free. Below are 11 you can conveniently find:

►Diamond Head. Scenes have been shooting inside and outside the volcanic crater in ~ the southern edge of Waikiki. Fee.

►Haleiwa, the previous sugarcane-growing town now associated with surf culture.

►Heeia State Park top top Oahu’s windward (eastern) side. “We go there because that a many jungle work,” Chinn said.

►Hanauma just State Park ~ above Oahu’s south side provides respite native the crowds of Waikiki because that actors and tourists alike. Fee.

►Kualoa Ranch, a huge expanse still recognized for its function in “Jurassic Park.” “That’s a really an excellent place come shoot,” Chinn said. “You’re always finding brand-new stuff … and also different angles.” Fee.

►Magic Island Lagoon at Ala Moana coast in Honolulu provides good backdrops for beach and water scenes.


“Magnum P.I.” actors, in the foreground, Zachary Knighton together Rick “Orville” Wright, left, and also Stephen Hill as Theodore “TC” Calvin wait because that the “action” cue during filming at Oahu’s remote Maili Beach.
►Maili beach Park uses the seclusion the crews need to crave. This coast is southern of Waianae in West Oahu, well turn off the radar of many visitors, and also has a like the mountain backdrop

►National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific is frequently overlooked regardless of its proximity come downtown Honolulu. In “Hawaii Five-0,” Steve McGarrett’s father is buried there.

►Sunset Beach along the phibìc Shore draws international surfing competitions throughout the winter months. The cast and also crew prevent that area then because of the crowds.

►Tantalus Lookout in Puuualakaa State Wayside is in a cinder cone close to Honolulu. “It’s a gorgeous, 180 (degree) view of the southern side that the island,” Chinn said.


Along Waikiki Beach, the statue the surfing legend battle each other Kahanamoku is a favorite setup for one of the directors of “Hawaii Five-0.”
►Waikiki coast is, for numerous people, identified with Hawaii, a truth not overlooked through CBS. “There’s a statue the fight it out Kahanamoku ~ above Waikiki Beach. Bryan Spicer likes that,” Chinn said.

Waikiki beach is the most likely place to spot the cast and also crew, however it is no a closed collection when filming is walking on there.

“In Hawaii, the beaches room all public, so you can not legally nearby a beach,” said Chinn, a Hawaii native. “When we gain a permit, we’re enabled to questioning people, ‘Can you stand back?’ In Waikiki, we’ll collection up an area that’s off-camera if they want to watch.”

As many as 500 fans have actually been well-known to gather to watch the action, Chinn said.

“Generally, people are very cooperative,” Che said.

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For people seeking even more insider knowledge on i beg your pardon episodes to be shot where, miscellaneous Hawaii Five-0 tours can be uncovered online.