RHONY: Andy Cohen cases Alex McCord ‘Went because that Blood’ after Leaving show After gift let go, Alex McCord and her husband Simon revealed part damaging information concerning production on The actual Housewives Of new York.

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Alex McCord & Simon van Kempen native RHONY gift affectionate from your wedding
In a new tell-all book, Andy Cohen claimed Alex McCord and husband Simon valve Kempen “went for blood” after leaving The real Housewives Of new York. Alex and Simon were original cast members ~ above season 1 that the Bravo series, and also viewers were mesmerized by your opulent new York lifestyle, and also their supposed obsession v the upstream circles of the city. In one episode, Alex and also Simon went to the opera ~ Alex, now a psychologist, donned a stunning dress for the occasion. Later on on, the pair pored over the culture columns, to check out Alex’s picture as she walked into the opera house.

Despite audiences’ prompt fascination v the couple, that spoke French with their child Francois, Alex was probably too nice because that the group, and also she didn’t provide enough drama to stay on the present after season 4. In plenty of scenes, as soon as Alex make the efforts to confront people, her challenge would gain red, and also she’d stammer on her words. Some viewers feeling sorry because that the pair, who didn’t have the meanness that appeared to be supposed of them.

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Recently, Dave Quinn exit a tell-all book, Not every Diamonds and Rosé: The within Story the The genuine Housewives from the world Who lived It, i beg your pardon revealed countless secrets about the display from behind the scenes. In among the interviews, Andy shared that Alex and Simon created a vlog after being let walk from the franchise. The vlog thorough their reactions to each brand-new episode, and Alex to express her id that production to be manipulating the storylines. Andy was displeased v Alex’s words, and he labeled the habits as “unprecedented." He additionally claimed Alex and Simon were going “for blood."

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It seems Andy no like as soon as housewives comment on the editing element of the show. After RHONY season 1, as soon as Alex suggested producers had actually structured her scenes to do her watch a particular way, Andy made his displeasure known. In one of the reunion episodes, once Alex defined to Andy that a specific scene occurred at a different time 보다 was suggested in the footage, Andy looked in ~ her directly in the eye and also told her it no true.

Every day, much more and more details from Dave’s publication are surfacing. Some of them are much less flattering than Bravo can want. Tamra Judge common that a producer told her to litter red wine in Jeana Keough’s challenge in an iconic scene on The actual Housewives of Orange County. Tamra, choose Alex, is no much longer a castmate top top the franchise, i m sorry is maybe the only means they can obtain away with disclosing the information.

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One can’t aid but wonder if castmates prefer the famous Tamra are offered nondisclosure agreements. In plenty of reality shows, castmembers can not share any details around production’s manipulation that the story arcs, i beg your pardon is supposedly what Alex walk after The real Housewives Of new York. Many producers want viewers to believe the camera is prefer a paris on the wall, observing the unvarnished, unedited truth. But reality, the seems, is far more complicated.

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Source: Not all Diamonds and Rosé: The inside Story the The real Housewives native the civilization Who lived It