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Former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is no stranger come tabloid news. In fact, one could argue he?s to be a continuous for plenty of years. However, a photo went famous in might 2019 and also it’s impossible to forget.

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At an early age, us all learned from a children?s publication that ?Everyone Poops.? That uses to, well, everyone, consisting of A-Rod. And also for everything reason someone decided to take a photo of the former baseball player top top the throne in ~ his an elaborate $17.5 million Park avenue apartment in new York City, which that shares v fiancee Jennifer Lopez.

According come Page Six, the celebrity news and gossip hub the The new York Post, the photographer was likely at a Manhattan hedge money next door and his legal team went searching to find out who took the restroom pic.

EXCLUSIVE: A-Rod’s famous toilet pic could land hedge fund in warm water https://t.co/pRDp8mbWCl pic.twitter.com/gvMXevIXt4

— web page Six (
PageSix) might 17, 2019

Apparently, when are you are worth numerous dollars, naught is off limits.

Alex Rodriguez toilet Picture

Breaking news: A-Rod uses his phone call on the toilet like the rest of us pic.twitter.com/AS5vH1Mypa

— Jake Repalone (
JakeRepNY) may 16, 2019

The photograph made its ring on social media, consisting of Twitter and Instagram. It shows the famed MLB baseball star in clear view, put on a blue shirt, ~ above the toilet in his high-end NYC pad. Initially, somebody from the surrounding building was certainly going to pay the price because that this, follow to a source of Page Six.

?Alex?s lawyers are almost everywhere this. They are working tough to find out who the culprit is. The is a clear breach the privacy. The picture was obviously taken indigenous the structure next door, indigenous a floor possibly parallel come Alex?s apartment. One of the hedge funds in the building next door will be gaining a large lawsuit.?


You cannot simply take a private photograph of Alex Rodriguez prefer this and totally expect to acquire away with it, right? Or can you?

UPDATE (June 4, 2019):

Remember the huge lawsuit and legal activity that was supposed to come indigenous someone acquisition a trending snapshot of former Yankees star Alex Rodriguez sitting on the toilet? Well, you can forget about it. A-Rod put it to remainder himself.

Rodriguez told Fox5’s “Good Day new York” the they space still trying to find who took the photo because it’s a weird thing to do and he doesn’t desire it to happen to who else, however he’s over it.

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“I’m certain’y not suing,” that said. “The one point is, ns actually carry out my best thinking there. I wasn’t ready for the picture. But look, it is what it is. I need to invest in some an excellent blinds, and I think ns am.”

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The whole instance was rather bizarre, however one thing is certain: anyone took the picture far better be glad he walk it come A-Rod and also not Jennifer Lopez or any type of of his family. That wouldn’t be so cool around that.