Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks as a surrogate for Bernie Sanders Friday in Iowa City, Iowa. Photograph: Sue Ogrocki/AP
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks together a surrogate for Bernie Sanders Friday in Iowa City, Iowa. Photograph: Sue Ogrocki/AP
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s assist of Bernie Sanders’ project is raising talk of the possibility she can run for the White home herself

It was billed as a rally because that Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. However the just aging white guy on the platform to be the film-maker Michael Moore, and attendee Brittany Springmeier wasn’t there to watch him.

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She remained in Iowa City for actual star of the show, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“She’s speaking because that us. She speaking because that the people. She has a passion for the millennials. She speaking for everyone in America who doesn’t have a voice,” said Springmeier, a millennial herself that is unable to work since of a disability.

With the vermont senator trapped in Washington DC by the impeachment hearings, Ocasio-Cortez to be fronting for him at the university of Iowa top top Friday night in the last days prior to the Iowa democratic caucuses.

Much the the group had already made increase its psychic to ago Sanders, which to be just also because the brand-new York congresswoman offered a 26-minute speech without once stating the guy she to be ostensibly over there to promote. A passionate discourse top top healthcare and also the instance for comprehensive public insurance, a cause at the heart of Sanders campaign, climate gave way to a rousing very nice one to build a motion to transform “a nation in decline”.

Ocasio-Cortez disparaged the autonomous leadership in Congress as fearful of any kind of radical plans that might expense votes and called on pendant to “come together and organise” to repetitive cheers.

But v it all, even as Sanders picture stared under on her, his name did not as soon as cross the congresswoman’s lips.


Supporters the Bernie Sanders Friday Iowa City, Iowa. Photograph: Sue Ogrocki/APOcasio-Cortez has been unstinting in her support of Sanders’ presidential bid however Friday’s rally will just reinforce the perception the his campaign also provides her with a communication to press a an ext visionary agenda. That consequently has fueled media speculation around the extent of the 30 year-old’s ambitions, and the opportunity she could run for the White home herself in 2024 – must Trump win a 2nd term.

Whatever she plans, the congresswoman will certainly not have been discouraged through the agree in Iowa City, wherein she was greeted with an passionate bordering ~ above adulation.

Jonathan Katz, a high college math teacher from brand-new York City who travelled to Iowa to canvass because that Sanders, to be at the rally particularly to see Ocasio-Cortez.

“When she proved the courage after ~ Bernie’s heart assault to to speak ‘I’m going to be supporting Bernie’, my respect went up 1,000%. Since here’s someone at Bernie’s most difficult moment in the campaign saying ‘I’m v you Bernie’,” stated Katz.

Ocasio-Cortez’s backing has meant much more than cram her load behind Sanders’ positions. She has magnified some that them, not least on the setting with her press for a Green new Deal, and also injected a much greater diversity that voices into the vermouth senator’s campaign, which he has actually frankly admitted were lacking in his 2016 run.

“She’s been very important come Bernie, bringing human being in, specifically young people,” claimed Springmeier. “She’s helped carry in minorities, bring some light to the reality that they nothing really have actually a voice. I think a lot of of world are drawn to her who may not otherwise have actually been interested in politics, and also that help Bernie.

“I yes, really hope she proceeds on the politics. She a force to it is in reckoned with. Ns really think she going come do good things for the people, for we the people. She’s functioning in the establishment however I think she going to it is in speaking because that us.”


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes component in a march following antisemitic strikes in brand-new York City. Photograph: man Lamparski/Echoes Wire/Barcroft MediaIf Ocasio-Cortez has actually reinforced the Sanders campaign, it’s clean she can also draw from that intensified strength. For few of Sanders supporters, she offers a vision beyond his presidential campaign.

Wendy Stevenson, a librarian who caucused because that Sanders 4 years ago, came to the rally v her 11-year-old daughter, Estelle, that wanted to check out Ocasio-Cortez ~ watching a Netflix documentary around her.

“I love she vision. Ns love her guts to go in very first term as a representative and also propose the Green new Deal. It transforms the means our economic climate will work. That exciting. You need that type of energy and also ideas the end there. And she’s not scared to challenge the establishment. Even the Democrats, she’s pushing them more than they feeling comfortable going. I love having actually that voice,” she said.

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But for all that, Stevenson is not sure on wherein Ocasio-Cortez should set her sights. For now she desires to watch her remain in Congress, whereby she think she might rise to great heights and have real power and influence end the plans that matter most.

“I hope she’ll it is in a an effective future politician that can readjust the method things room done. Ns feel favor she yes, really feels strongly around representing her human being in her district. She’s still young. I’m excited the things are moving further to the left through a lot more fresh ideas. I really hope she is the future.”