Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend Riley Roberts has actually mostly stayed out the the spotlight because the congresswoman began making waves in 2018, yet he’s clearly supported her. Here’s much more you should know around the representative’s boyfriend!

New York RepresentativeAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez had been dating her friend Riley Robertslong prior to she kicked turn off her project for conference in April 2017. Also though AOC tends to talk about her politics views more than her boyfriend, Riley has plainly been a strong supporter because that the congresswoman throughout every one of her political ambitions. He’s was standing by AOC through the political whirlwind the her ax in the home of Representatives has been and plainly means a lot to her. Desire to know much more about AOC’s friend Riley? Here’s more about Riley Roberts below.

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AOC and Riley in Washington after she orientation session because that Congress in 2018. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP/Shutterstock)

Who Is Riley Roberts?

An Arizona native and graduate from Boston University, Riley is “an easygoing redhead that works in internet development,” according to aVogueprofile that the AOC in November 2018. His LinkedIn allegedly listed his project as the head of marketing for, according to Marie Claire.It does show up that he’s deleted his LinkedIn or adjusted his account information. Ironically, Riley walk share a name v a veteran speechwriter,Riley L. Roberts, who operated in Washington because that years, most notably together the cook speechwriter because that U.S. Attorney GeneralEric Holder, throughout the Obama Administration.

Riley’s job did attract public attention in 2019 when writer Luke Thompsonshared a photo indicating that Riley had actually an email attend to through the residence Representatives. Luke accused AOC the nepotism in a tweet, saying that she “put her boyfriend on staff,” and also was payment him a salary. AOC clapped ago and said that he had actually the email resolve to get accessibility to her Google Calendar and also was no on she payroll. “Next time check your facts prior to you tweet nonsense,” she wrote.

Actually this cal designation is a permission for this reason he can have accessibility to mine Google Cal. Congressional spouses obtain Gcal access all the time.

Next time examine your facts before you tweet nonsense.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (
AOC) February 15, 2019

How Riley Roberts and also Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Met

Riley Roberts met AOC as soon as they were both students at Boston University. Riley to be pursuing a dual degree in finance and also sociology, while AOC learned economics and international relations. The future congresswoman met the redhead at a student city hall collection called Coffee and also Conversations, according to Insider. Unsurprisingly, AOC was incredibly outspoken during the sessions that spanned a number of different topics, however Riley seemed like suitable match together someone who was much more quiet, but offered countering arguments. He would certainly sit “in the corner of the room really reasoning through things,” a common college friend had said. They began dating, but apparently, they were private about their relationship also then, where some friends didn’t even realize they to be an item.

During those city halls, Riley apparently said the points that AOC made, due to the fact that it “always bothered” the that people tended to autumn into the very same thinking, among AOC’s near friends toldVanity fair in December 2020. Another friend reiterated just exactly how not “glamorous” the pair’s courtship was. “These were 2 awkward, supersmart, like-to-talk-about-issues type of human being that met v this super-wonky, nerdy thing,” he said. Also though it can not be the type of love story that human being are supplied to, the stimulating conversations were certainly enough because that AOC and Riley to an initial fall in love in college.

Unfortunately, they broke up after ~ graduation when Riley moved ago to Arizona, however he ultimately moved to brand-new York and re-sparked their flame. He date her together she bartended and helped to organize for vermont Senator Bernie Sanders‘2016 presidential run, and also they’ve to be together ever before since.

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Riley hugs AOC ~ she winner the 2018 autonomous Primary in her operation for Congress. (Bebeto Matthews/AP/Shutterstock)

Top Moments in between Riley Roberts and also Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Having been with each other for therefore long, Ocasio-Cortez and also Roberts absolutely have mutual plenty of memorable moment together. As well as being her beau, Riley has actually been an important partner because that the congresswoman reflecting his endless support for his girlfriend. One of AOC’s couple of Instagram short articles with him in it was once she first submitted her bid for Congress in the 2018 election. He can be seen in a team photo the was taken at the brand-new York City board of Elections.