Alexandria is a strong heart lady; she is well-known as the youngest woman to get chosen to congress. She winner the election against a powerful democrat Joe Crowley; she was just 29 years old then.

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Joe was elected to conference in NY in the last ten years. Speaking much more about Alexandria, she is that Puerto Rican lower with numerous liberal followers.

She is additionally an energetic Democratic Socialist that America and also has been outspoken about aborting rights and also developments. One of her significant aims is come positively contribute to social reforms and breakthroughs of states.

How old is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born on the 13th the October 1989; she is 32 year old together of 2021. She birthplace is in new York.

As per her education, she was an extremely smart during her high school days and has completed her high school at Yorktown high school. 

During her college days, she released a research paper in biology, i m sorry in positive return obtained her a scholarship at Boston University. She majors in international relations and also economics. 

Political career


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez began her politics career through Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign in 2016; it was centered more on socialite agenda than democratic politics. 

As a powerful lady, she to be the first female to an obstacle Joe Crowley in 2016 because 2004 because that elections. Among her main agendas during the campaign was to speak increase on immigrant laws, make abortion a totally free right and social injustice.

Personal life

Alexandria’s personal life has perpetually been complete of ups and also downs. She has tossed various jobs together with her education to assist her family and herself. Complying with her graduation, she came earlier to the Bronx and was employed as an instructional director. She has a an effective faith in God and recognizes herself together a catholic that supports the LGBTQ community and the flexibility to abortion.

Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dating?


Alexandria Ocasio cortez and her boyfriend

She’s pretty secretive about her connection life, and so her connection with top web developer friend Riley Roberts is subtle, come the level that you might not have grasped they to be a couple. 

Riley Roberts has actually been a supportive partner right from the onset, and he supported her political career and major programs she helped back then. That provides a worthy partner to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez bikini

What’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez network worth?

Although Ocasio-Cortez had a tumultuous begin in her career and suffered financial matters in her college years, every little thing transformed as soon as she got a job after college. Her net worth is roughly $250,000 together of 2021.

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