Thank kindness it's nearly November 25 a.k.a. The work Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life lastly arrives in our life. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore will go back to the little screen via Netflix—and for 4 90-minute episodes, everything will it seems ~ a little much more sparkly, loving, and familiar. Granted, the Gilmore Girls rebirth won't be there is no it's tearful moment (even the trailer made united state cry), yet maybe that will be a cathartic moment for united state all. Till then, us sat down with Lauren Graham and also Alexis Bledel to gain the lowdown on just how things have changed in their an individual lives, what lock remember around the an initial time they met, and also more. If girlfriend think you've heard or read every little thing there is to know about these two, think again.

You are watching: Alexis bledel and lauren graham interview How have actually you both adjusted this time around?

Alexis Bledel: I'm definitely more grateful. It’s favor a chance to have a do-over. You never ever really gain that in life. To get to reimagine the very same character eight year later, it’s kind of great, creatively, to get to do that. You gain to take every the things that you discover interesting about the character and then hopefully inject the with whatever you choose up follow me the means personally.

Lauren Graham: I’m just in a various place in my job . Earlier then, you auditioned for something and also did the job. Here, it to be a freer discussion and a grown-up connection with the creator the the show. I think us both feeling we could really only do this if there was a dialogue where we can weigh in. Us lived with these people as lengthy as anybody and also feel an extremely protective and also interested in what they would certainly do. Amy was, in a different way, open to that. It simply felt much much more collaborative and fun. "What if? and what about this? i don’t know! would she?" So that made it feel in a various phase, too. Why space Rory and Lorelai so compelling together?

Alexis: due to the fact that they're for this reason different, prefer The odd Couple. They have actually opposite personalities and also preferences, however there are enough overlaps in their actions that make them able to hang out together friends. They yes, really compliment one another and are each really distinctly drawn characters in their own right, so girlfriend care around both of them as well as what they median to each other.


Robert Voets/Netflix as soon as you obtained the manuscript for the revival, what to be the an initial thing you want to know?

Lauren: i couldn’t check out the last script for a lengthy time, and it just so taken place we were shooting various other scenes and it ended up being like a joke. to be like, "You need to read the last one prior to you perform it!" i was nervous what the ending would be. I just wanted to understand where was, and also I want to hear things that make me feel choose we had actually story to tell—that it wasn’t going to feel like, we’re trottin’ this old girls out for another round approximately the gazebo! I recognize the kind of prize you would certainly like, yet that’s not what this display is. Nothing happens, in a way. <Laughs> There space not necessarily large events, but how are we safety this time, and what’s the character arc, and what’s the weird journey since it’s always a weird journey! and also when Amy said a couple of points to me, ns said, "Oh, that’s wonderful and weird! sign me up!" You simply wanted come hear that her voice was still vivid.

See more: Are There Sharks In San Diego, Why Sharks Have Moved To San Diego Alexis, how has Rory changed? Is she less idyllic?

Alexis: Rory has grown up, and also I would certainly say she is less idyllic now. perhaps been worn down by various obstacles she has had to challenge in her adult life, but underneath her weariness she still has actually a streak of winning positivity that possibly was instilled throughout her little town upbringing, and also a hardworking, can-do attitude. Is there a particular moment that you can not wait for the audience come see?

Lauren: There’s therefore much, honestly, it’s…a) we’re not an alleged to to speak anything, but b) it really isn’t that because if you’re a fan of the old show, call me 5 things we ever before did. We don’t do much! us walk and also talk, we drink a the majority of coffee, us love each other, and we have some conflicts. Lorelai go on a details kind of trip to gain a question answered within herself. to be the first Amy told me, and also I thought, "That’s amazing."