Fans aren’t the just ones mourning Alexis Eddy. Following the disastrous news of her death, other members that the Are friend The One cast are share tributes to your friend and former costar. Ethan Cohen, a.k.a. Emoney, who common the screen with the beautiful brunette top top season 6 the the show, was among the first to speak out. The was quickly joined through season 5’s Gianna Hammer, season 2’s Briana LaCuesta and also season 7’s Kenya Scott.

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On Thursday, January 9, Alexis, 23, passed away. Her grandmother Carol Efaw confirmed to Radar online that her death was as result of a medicine overdose. “My son and daughter-in-law are devastated,” Carol Efaw, the star’s grandmother, said. Confirming the cause of death, she said, “Alexis was a lost soul. … She captured a organize of that again. … She is no hurting anymore at least.”

Over the previous year, the AYTO star had been documenting her sobriety trip online, share updates through her friends and also followers and adding the #RecoveryRocks hashtag to her Twitter bio. “Guuuuuys, look at this pic the me my daddio lastly sober together,” she captioned a photograph in September 2019. “ pic ~ above the right was two years ago. … What a difference. So really blessed today.” In a separate Instagram write-up shared that same month, she added that she was grateful to it is in “clean and sober.”

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The star to be candid around the work that went into maintaining her sobriety. “If I have the right to be an example of getting sober … then I have the right to be an instance of beginning over,” she composed on Twitter in august 2019. She also opened up about how walking on the reality display wasn’t healthy and balanced for her.

“You wanna piss ex off? Hook up with civilization on national television? have actually even much more severe trust worries dating troubles than you ever before did before? be judged — on a global LEVEL?! Or even just black color out EVERY solitary DAY that FILMING?!?!? use here for season 7 the #AYTO!” she tweeted in in march 2018 after see a casting call because that the series.

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However, the didn’t mean she didn’t have actually love because that her other stars. “So extremely lucky to have actually been a part of season 6 the #AYTO,” she created in December 2017. “The love all of our actors mates have for an additional is so strong and real… say thanks to you every for stand by mine side v everything. ❤️”

Check the end the gallery listed below to see all of the homages the Are girlfriend The One cast has paid to Alexis. 

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