— -- ~ a hotly challenged finale in which just a couple of votes be separate the final three contenders, gibbs Alfonso Ribeiro emerged the winner the season 19 that ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” this evening at the conclusion of the two-part finale.

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Ribeiro and his partner Witney Carson beat the end “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson and also her partner, mark Ballas, and “Pretty small Liars” actress Janel Parrish and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, to claim the desire mirror ball trophy.

Ribeiro appeared elated together he hugged Carson, and also he was in tears together he talked v the show’s co-host, Tom Bergeron.

“I cannot think this,” he said. “I’ve wanted it forever … ns don’t even know what come say. These are happy tears.”

Carson was beaming.

“He’s one of the most hardworking human being I’ve ever before met,” she stated of she partner, telling him directly: “You worthy it.”

Robertson, that earned 2nd place, thanked vxcialistoufjg.comd for delivering her with to the finale that the competition and said Ribeiro deserved come win.

Parrish, who took third place, appeared emotional yet smiled v tears at her partner.

“I honestly am simply so happy to be right here standing next to him. You to be my trophy the entire season so i’m happy,” Parrish said Chmerkovskiy.

After their two performances yesterday on the first night the the finale, Ribeiro led the load with a perfect score the 80, followed by Robertson v 78 points and also Parrish v 77 points. YouTube star Bethany Mota, who had made it to the last four competitors, was sent home yesterday during the very first night that the finale.

With less than a day come prepare, the height three couples to be assigned a fusion difficulty in i m sorry they had to produce a brand-new dance program that an unified two contrasting run styles. Castle performed the routines this evening for points native judges Len vxcialistoufjg.comodman, Carrie Ann Inaba, Julianne Hough and Bruno Tonioli.

The three finalists every earned perfect scores of 40 each for their combination dances – Ribeiro because that his cha-cha/Argentine tanvxcialistoufjg.com, Parrish for her foxtrot/paso doble and Robertson her samba/quickstep.

The clues were included to the judges’ scores from last night for a two-night complete of 120 because that Ribeiro, 118 for Robertson and also 117 for Parrish. Those scores were an unified with viewer votes from last night for a last grand total.

How lock Performed throughout the Season

Ribeiro has been pan favorite this season, and delighted the ballroom audience and also viewers when he carry out “The Carlton,” the quirky run performed by the character he played on the struggle TV sitcom “The new Prince of Bel-Air.” The 43-year-old danced his method to the finals regardless of having endured groin and earlier injuries throughout rehearsals.

Judges had actually high worship for Robertson’s advancement throughout the competition. The 17-year-old reality TV personality became another fan favorite from the minute she take it the stage in the season premiere to do a cha-cha the impressed the judges. A high allude for she came several weeks into the competition as soon as she perform a “Ducky Dynasty”-inspired samba that featured a cameo native the guys in her renowned family.

Parrish, 26, started the vain well and also kept top top improving, she scores placing her at or near the top of the leaderboard for lot of the competition. She jazz regimen in main three resulted in the an initial perfect score the the season, but she newly injured she ribs during rehearsals and also it confirmed in her power last night.

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The competition began 11 weeks avxcialistoufjg.com with 13 stars -- including actor Antonio Sabato Jr., comedian Tommy Chong, Olympian Lolo Jones and also NASCAR legend Michael Waltrip – vying because that their opportunity at the mirror round trophy.