This is the simplest solution. Friend only have to learn a fewmoves:

Don"t worry, this is no cheating. 99.9% can"t fix the 3x3 puzzle cube puzzle (Rubik"s Cube®) withouthelp;)

Play v your cube and get acquainted with it. Try to solve the white face without analysis thistutorial.

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Learn the letter which are supplied to note the rotations that the deals with to describe thealgorithms.

3The Solution

We division the Rubik"s Cube right into 7 layers and solve each group not messing increase the solvedpieces.


Practice the moves, memorize the algorithms till you have the right to solve the Rubik"s Cube withouthelp.


Discover the Rubik"s Cube

Spend some time playing with the puzzle come familiarize through it before you read this systems tutorial and also see how much you can obtain without help. Most civilization can solve one challenge after spending part time through the cube.


Fixed facility Pieces

Notice the no issue what kind of confront rotation friend do, the center pieces always stay in the exact same position. They identify the color of each face.


Edges and also Corners

Beside the fixed facility pieces the cube is composed of 8 corner pieces through 3 stickers and 12 edge pieces with two stickers.

Too plenty of Cases

There space so many possible configurations (over 43 quintillion) the it would be difficult to deal with it by randomly turning the encounters until it"s all done.


The Strategy

It"s hard not to rest the solved pieces when fixing brand-new ones. We should divide the cube into layers and also use algorithms in each step which don"t rest the perfect parts.

The letters In The Algorithms

We"ve significant the six deals with of the cube v the initials of your names.


F – FrontR – Right
U – UpL – Left

We room not going to usage the D(down) and also B(back) deals with in this tutorial.

A letter through itself method a clockwise rotation the the confront while a counterclockwise turn is significant with an apostrophe.

UQuarter clockwise turn on the Upface(90°).
F"Front face counterclockwise turn.
R2Double rotation ~ above the right face.

How To fix The White challenge OfThe Rubik"sCube

Solving the first face of the Rubik"s Cube is relatively easy because there space not too numerous solved pieces that friend canmessup. Spend some time playing through the puzzle and shot to perform this without reading further thispage.

✔Start with the white edges, then dothecorners.✔Make certain the side colors are corresponding the side centercolors (imagebelow).✔Can you carry out this step byyourself without reading thishelp?

1. Deal with the white edges

We begin by fixing the white sheet pieces. Of course you deserve to start with any other color yet in this solution overview we"re walking to usage the white so I would certainly advidse you come usethesame.


We currently know that the facility pieces are fixed and they define the color of each face. This is why we need to solve the white edge according come the color of the center piecess as illustratedabove.Solving the white edge is intuitive and quite easy due to the fact that at this stage there are no resolved pieces that we have the right to break. In most situations you have the right to just merely rotate each item where they room supposedtobe.

Here space a couple of examples that require a few extramoves.

Press the Play button to animate the rotations.

Apply this quick algorithm as soon as the item is in the appropriate spot (FUedge), but it"s orientedwrong.

U" R" U F"

Do this once you can"t simply simply turn the prior edge to its spot due to the fact that it would certainly be orientedwrong.

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F" U" R U

2. Settle the white corners

The white edges space solved and also we need to fix the white corners to finish thefirstface.


This is one more easy phase where you shouldn"t memorize any kind of algorithm simply follow her instincts. If you have difficulties solving the white corners, here"s basic trick girlfriend can always apply, girlfriend just need to memorize a brief algorithm and also repeat it till the pieceissolved:

R" D" R D

Bring the corner below the spot where it belong (Front-Right-Down place highlighted v grey) and repeat the algorithm above until the white edge pops right into its place oriented correctly. This algorithm sends the piece back and forth in between the spots marked with dark, always transforming theorientation.

Play the animation for an example where the sequence is repeated five times. Clock the influenced white corner going come the peak then back to the bottom in each step, changing its orientation. The 6th would lug the cube ago to that originalposition: