A Los Angeles county sheriff’s deputy to be off duty, ordering in ~ a fast-food restaurant in Alhambra, as soon as a man shot the in the head Monday night.

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Given the circumstances of the attack, detectives room investigating even if it is the detective was targeted.

The suspect is defined as a white or Latino man in his 20s, in between 5 foot 9 and also 5 foot 11, believed to it is in wearing a black T-shirt and black pants. He left the step in a 2006 Kia Sportage, or comparable model, with document tags.

After shooting the deputy, the man went to a ar and readjusted clothing, where a residential defense camera captured a photo of him, authorities said.

The deputy, who has been v the department because that 13 years, was rushed come County-USC medical Center and remains in critical condition, according to the Sheriff’s Department. The deputy’s name has not been released.

The shoot took location at a Jack in the box on valley Boulevard.

The deputy ordered inside the restaurant and was waiting for his food when the male shot him, homicide Capt. Kent Wegener stated at a news conference Monday night.

The deputy was off duty and wearing plain garments with no holster, argorial or anything to signify he to be a legislation enforcement officer, Wegener said.

The doubt was put on a fedora and sunglasses during the shooting, and also homicide detectives space investigating, amongst other things, even if it is the man specifically targeted the deputy.

Sheriff’s deputies and Alhambra police sealed turn off the area and also were searching for a suspect.

At Monday night’s news conference, Wegener stated anyone hiding the guy could face serious consequences.

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“It’s time to turn him in,” Wegener said. “You don’t desire to be associated with this man, and the Sheriff’s department is walking to spare no resources to situate this suspect.”


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