Ali Vincent became the very first female winner that The biggest Loser after shedding 112 pounds in 2008. Now, the truth star is speaking out around her emotionally issues, after ~ revealing earlier this year that she had actually regained almost all of the load she shed after being sexually attacked while gaining a massage. Clock what she claimed in the video above.

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“The greatest Loser gave me the opportunity to believe in myself, and also I don’t know that I ever really did,” the hairstylist explained during one interview with pastor T.D. Jakes on an episode of his talk show that aired ~ above Monday, December 5. “Everybody want me to and I want to because that them, and also I had actually the outcomes to prove it. Yet do ns really worthy to have everything that i dream of? carry out I deserve to have actually this happiness?”


Ali Vincent

After admitting that her previous was stop her back from achieving brand-new goals, Vincent said Jakes the the ongoing emotional issues were sabotaging her load loss. “I know that yes sir stuff the I need to deal with, and also I know that that goes back way far, yet then I also know the I’m 41 year old. As soon as am i going to perform my own stuff? When deserve to I simply let that go?” she said.

Jakes, 59, replied, “It has nothing to execute with age. You deserve to be 91. Till you face whatever that is that’s eat at you, it will live forever. Friend cannot allow what taken place to friend to control what is feasible for you.”

Vincent first revealed her weight get in April. “On April 16th i did among the hardest points in mine life,” she composed on on facebook at the time. “I joined weight Watchers and also weighed in close to the load I started at on The greatest Loser <234 pounds>. Ns swore i would never ever be over there again, be right here again. I couldn’t imagine a day again the I would certainly weigh end 200 pounds. I feel ashamed. I feel embarrassed. Ns feel overwhelmed. I feel like a failure.”

In October, Vincent told Oprah Winfrey, who is a partial owner of load Watchers, that she had actually been sexually attacked while acquiring a massage in 2015, an attack that she said led to emotional stress and led to lot of her subsequent weight gain.


Earlier this year, Vincent specifically told us Weekly that she was embarrassed to leave the residence after regaining weight. “People acknowledge me yet … they never also put it together that ns was the girl the won The best Loser,” she described in April. “When i tell them exactly how they recognize me, castle look me up and also down through this perplexed look on their face. It provides me not desire to leave the house.”

T.D. Jakes airs in nationwide syndication.

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