One day you"re young, carefree, and also singing follow me to all the latest top 40 hits. Then, prior to you understand it, those same songs start appearing on "Golden Oldies" playlists ... And additionally your ago hurts, and also you can"t find your glasses, and also you"re wondering whether 9 p.m. Is too beforehand to walk to bed. It"s true, aging will certainly come for us all — but it"s no all bad. Because that one, girlfriend probably have actually much better judgement now, having actually lived and also learned through all your youthful mistakes. If you desire proof, just go watch at your social media posts from 10 years ago. Yikes. One human that deserve to probably attest to the wisdom that time brings is none other than Mario Lopez.

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If you"ve, ahem, been roughly long enough, you can remember that the "Saved through the Bell" star was once married to former Miss USA Ali Landry ... Because that a grand complete of 2 weeks. And if you"re suspect it was just another Hollywood quickie romance à la Britney Spears and also Jason Alexander or Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, one that finished once she discovered his gigantic stash the hair gel — nope, the pair actually dated for six years before their short-lived union. They even worked together at one point, both appearing in the (largely forgotten) 2002 movie "Outta Time." top top the surface, the seemed like they had it all, win both personally and professionally. So, why might the couple not go the distance? After year of silence, Lopez finally defined — and that wasn"t pretty. 

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As established, maturity have the right to be wonderful, specifically when it pertains to perfectly ripened cheese, carefully aged wine, and the man you"re safety the remainder of forever with. Indeed, Mario Lopez partly blamed immaturity for his breakup v Ali Landry. And also not the fun kind, wherein he poured salt in her coffee or kept placing whoopee cushions on her seats — rather it to be the type where girlfriend fail to control yourself at your bachelor party.

Speaking to Howard Stern in 2011 (via Us Weekly), the "Dancing with the Stars" runner-up admitted come lying to Landry around his bachelor party plans native the get-go: "I said I was going come Cabo ... To walk marlin fishing. Then my cousin surprised me and said "No ... We"re going on this whirlwind tour: Cabo, Acapulco, every these places."" It to be at these exotic destinations the he "messed around" through someone else just days before his wedding. "Everybody was hanging out. The was a case where i was no mature and also man enough."

So, was Lopez at least "man enough" to "fess up to Landry before they bound the knot? together it turns out ... Not quite: "I figured at that point it was much easier to ask for forgiveness (afterwards)," that told Stern. "It"s mine bachelor party, we were walk to have actually a great time. And we went, we had a great time." unfortunately for all involved, the resulting consequences was anything however a great time.

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Another optimistic of aging: learning to trust your instincts. Years after her separation from Mario Lopez, Ali Landry admitted top top "The Wendy Williams Show" that she had actually doubts around her partner: "I had heard other right before the wedding," she said. "He swore the it was not true, nothing to be true, however I had actually that feeling in my gut." However, she waved away her doubts and went through with it, reasoning: "This is the guy I"ve been with, I have to trust him." but her suspicions won out in the end, and with the aid of a tech-savvy friend, she found clear-cut evidence of his infidelity.

The pair skipped the honeymoon and annulled their marriage after two weeks, as per People. Yet Landry managed to do the ideal of the nightmare, telling Williams she tried to "move on in a optimistic way" by focusing on her faith. Who up over there must have actually taken notice, together it remained in a theology class where the "Eve" actor met mexican director Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, at some point marrying that in 2006, together per People.

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Lopez himself identified his previous mistakes in his 2014 memoir, "Just between Us," writing that "I knew I should have broken things off with her prior to I strayed." The "Access Hollywood" hold has due to the fact that found pleasure with actor Courtney Laine Mazza, who he married in 2012 after years of dating. No word about whether she enabled him to have a bachelor party.