Mariah Carey’s holiday standard “All I want For Christmas Is You” entered Spotify’s top 3 this week, if the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s jazzy soundtrack A Charlie Brown Christmas entered the peak 10 the Billboard’s optimal 200 albums chart because that the begin of the yuletide season—here’s just how two Christmas access time stack up against each other.

Santa Claus and also Mariah Carey perform throughout a pre-tape performance for NBC"s Christmas tree lighting ... <+> in ~ Rockefeller center on November 27, 2012 in new York City.


On Saturday, “All ns Want” deserve the number 3 spot on Spotify’s height 10 many listened to song list, garnering 5,276,318 listens in a solitary day and the only holiday track to rest the top 5.

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On Friday, “All i Want” became the very first holiday track in background to knife diamond standing from the Recording sector Association that America, happen 10,000,000 sales and 1 exchange rate streams worldwide since its 1994 release.

The track hit number one status on the Billboard warm 100 for the very first time in 2019 and also did therefore again in 2020 and also early in 2021, and also last month that topped Billboard’s list of the 100 biggest holiday song of all time.

A Charlie Brown Christmas, i beg your pardon accompanied the 1965 Charles Schulz TV distinct by the same name, topped Billboard’s perform of the greatest holiday albums.

In 2016, it was certified quadruple platinum, selling over 4 million copies, and also in 2007 the occupational was inducted right into the Grammy hall Of Fame.

Key Background

“All ns Want” was released as part of Carey’s album Merry Christmas. She composed the song fairly quickly after ~ watching It’s A exorbitant Life. Choose Carey’s song, Charlie Brown was tape-recorded speedily, in simply three hours. Executives for CBS, i m sorry Charlie Brown first aired on, were initially displeased v the special, offered its anti-consumer theme and also jazz soundtrack no seem appealing to youngsters at first. The soundtrack and also the one-of-a-kind would quickly become classics, and the tune “Linus and also Lucy” would become synonymous through the Peanuts gang.

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Surprising Fact

Carey stated that her favorite holiday movie growing up was A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Fans the the Peanuts specials were briefly worried last year, as soon as Apple purchased the legal rights to them. Rather of airing on TV, programs favor A Charlie Brown Christmas, The an excellent Pumpkin and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving were just going come be available on apologize TV+. After outrage, the streaming service announced ad-free broadcasts that the one-of-a-kind on PBS, and also will it is in doing the very same this year.

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