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"All I desire to Do" is a track co-written and recorded by American country music duo Sugarland. It to be released in might 2008 as the an initial single from your album Love top top the Inside, which to be released top top July 22, 2008. The duo"s two members, lead vocalist Jennifer Nettles and also mandolinist/background vocalist Kristian Bush, composed the tune with singer Bobby Pinson, v whom the duo additionally co-wrote their late-2006 solitary "Want To". ~ above the Billboard Hot country Songs graph dated because that August 16, 2008, "All I want to Do" became Sugarland"s 3rd Number One hit. that was additionally a popular music hit, peaking in ~ No. 18 ~ above the U. S. Billboard warm 100 chart, their highest peaking single on the warm 100 until "Stuck like Glue" debuted at number 17 in 2010. "All I want to Do" was certified yellow by the RIAA ~ above October 9, 2008, and also later certified Platinum top top April 30, 2010. It has actually sold 1,367,000 duplicates as the April 2013.more »

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I don"t want to get up babyLet"s turn off the phoneI don"t want to walk to work-related todayOr even put my assembly onI"ve got better things come doThan mine to perform list anywayHide under the coversAnd waste far the dayLet"s just lay here and also be lazyBaby drive me crazyAll I want to doAll I desire to doIs love youI obtained my whole life to readjust the worldAnd rise the laddersLooking in ~ you looking at meIs the just thing the mattersCome a tiny closer babyWe have the right to talk without the wordsHang a authorize on the doorPlease do not disturbLet"s just lay here and be lazyBaby journey me crazyAll I desire to doAll I want to doIs love youGive me a kiss, from that Elvis lipYou don"t desire to miss out on thisAll I desire to doAll I desire to doIs love youAll i really desire to carry out isAll i really want to perform isAll i really desire to perform is love youLove you, love youCome a tiny closer baby,We have the right to talk there is no the wordsHang a authorize on the door, please do notPlease do not, please do notPlease do not disturbWhen ns lay down in the night allI really desire to doWhen i wake up, once I wake up in the morning babyAll ns really want to do

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Sugarland Sugarland, an American nation music duo, is composed of singer–songwriters Jennifer Nettles (lead vocals) and Kristian shrub (background vocals, command vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitar, and also harmonica). Sugarland was established in 2002 by Kristen Hall with Bush and ultimately ended up being a trio after rental Jennifer Nettles together lead singer. After 3 years, room left the group. More »