every In The Family: 15 finest Archie Bunker quotes Archie Bunker wasn"t always the nicest guy, but he offered fans lot of of good lines end the years. Right here are his ideal quotes from every in the Family.

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A split image of Archie Bunker from miscellaneous episodes of every in the Family
The term "lovable bigot" could seem a tad counterproductive, yet there is perhaps no much better title for Hauser Street"s very own Archie Bunker. Before TV executives cracked down on content, there was no telling what this male was liable to say. Though many of his dialogue has aged poorly v the cultural shifts, there space still part nuggets the Bunker wisdom that space absolutely hysterical.

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Archie was a yellow mine the hyperboles, misspeakings, and buckets the malapropisms that comprise his twisted feeling of humor. He"s the crotchety old man everyone knows, and his aptitude for zingers, one-liners, and turns that phrase is, for lack of a much better word, remarkable.

Updated top top October 4th, 2021 by Zach Gass: regardless of his turoulend ignorance, frequent faux pas, and all-around brutal butchering that the English language, he remains among the absolute funniest family members from a "70s sitcom, even with his less-than-likable reputation. But behind his twisted feeling of humor, there additionally lies an facet of wisdom and truth the still radiates end the airwaves today. While they can require some more modern translating and a different set of eyes, Archie was loaded to the brim the his porkpie hat with a mix that witticisms the both have actually audiences laughing and pondering decades later. Together the speak goes, one old standard never goes the end of style.

Archie isn"t what countless would consider a scholar that life, yet there"s something extremely philosophical about this tiny gem. It could be a little crude and abrasive, but there"s no denying that there"s some reality to his statement. He can not be Mufasa, but there"s something an extremely "Circle the Life" walk on here.

The humor comes from this line"s delivery and the as whole bluntness the the wording. Death isn"t constantly a topic of humorous discussion, yet that doesn"t median Archie won"t litter his cap in the ring.

Archie pondering the mysteries that the universe
one of Archie"s most frequently-used an abilities is his uncanny capability to misconstrue words and terms v a flaming passion and yet still obtain the idea across perfectly. He will usage the fully wrong hatchet or descriptor in his logic and yet think in his love of hearts that he is 101% percent right.

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It"s thinking choose that the wins audience lines prefer this one, though through Archie"s brainpower at least he"s in the ballpark spelling-wise. His "concentration" an abilities might be a small rusty, but they"re still sensible for the many part, and always an excellent for a laugh.

Archie speaking and also smoking a cigar in his chair as seen in every In The Family
At first glance, this is a complete and purposeful joke and also jab utilizing Archie"s way of reasoning to slam network TV. It was much more than most likely directed together a well-written inside joke between the cast and also producers, nothing really deeper 보다 that, at the very least not at first. It"s among those price quotes that simply changed with the passage of time

The phrase brings to mind other quips like "hundreds that channels and also nothing come watch" and other criticisms of modern TV and might have been the show"s method of obtaining away with outright criticizing the tool under the network"s nose. Archie might have to be referring come live entertainment, however he might have a few things to say about today"s an option as well.

12 "Everyone I favor Stays The Hell far From Me”

Archie talk in a black and white photo
there are many occasions in All in the Family where Archie sums up his totality personality in one solitary sentence, and also while it can be the many verbose, this heat does to speak it all. Archie is a curmudgeon through and through, and there are few quotes an ext perfectly antisocial than this one.

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Archie Bunker is no the biggest fan of people in general, race, gender, and social ideas aside. However it"s his unfiltered dislike the so countless things is that makes him a goldmine for comedic one-liners and quotes like this. There"s no denying his abrasiveness didn"t leave an impression.

There"s no denying Archie is funny as soon as he"s in a the personality is bad mood yet when religious beliefs is thrown into the mix, it"s a whole new ballgame. As soon as again, Archie"s mincing of terms wins the another gold quote. Like plenty of of his persona, he"ll usage his conservative religious beliefs to justification his reasoning. However, sometimes his twisted scriptures end up being absolutely hilarious.

What Archie (and to an extent All in the Family) is doing here isn"t necessarily sacrilegious, it"s just blending with each other two various scriptures. What he"s do the efforts to referral is the fate that Lot"s wife in Genesis, yet ends increase quoting a expression from Judges where Sampson uses a "jawbone of an ass" to smite the Philistines. A bit confusing, but funny nevertheless.

10 "We"re simply Sweeping Dirty bowl Under the Rug"

This one"s pretty easy, and this tiny gem is definitely a great way to acquire the ball rolling. Archie has the habit the spouting off malapropisms transparent All In The Family"s run, and this one won"t be the just one ~ above the list. A details amount that wiggle room can be permitted here, yet mostly since he"s only fifty percent right.

The correct phrase would it is in to "sweep the dust under the rug" but with Archie"s inflection, viewers can"t aid but laugh at this butchering that verse. In the ideal context, this phrase can have merit, however dirty dishes could be harder to hide fairly than dirt.

The English language is a exorbitant thing, however Archie has actually the habit the absolutely smashing through it prefer a wrecking ball. Though a misuse that the word, the does have a feeling context. The quote happens during an exchange that dialogue between Mike and Archie as soon as Mike brings up the topic of pelvic construction. Simple, yet not because that Archie.

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When Mike says, “It’s simply pelvic construction women are constructed differently” Archie retorts, “Oh you re welcome don’t draw me no diaphragms." The misuse of the word is funny enough, yet pair it through a discussion of woman anatomy, it it s okay a laugh every time.

8 "The Lord might Be Smilin" on The Sheeps, however They still Wind Up as Lambchops"

Here"s a small saying from the show that actually can have a little truth to it as well as a twisted feeling of humor. It might or may not it is in up for interpretation, however this could be Archie"s means of saying "this too shall pass." Deranged, however deep.

Though this quote might show All in the Family"s dark side, it"s easy exactly how one can see a shred of cold truth to it. Possibly it"s Archie"s interpretation of "everything"s a season, a time reap and a time come sow." But that could be offering him a little too lot credit on the one.

though the correct phrase would be "patience is a virtue," there"s most absolutely a mixed an allegory here. Not to say that Archie would understand the traditions of the Catholic faith, simply ask the his thoughts about Irene Lorenzo. But this might be a play on "patient as a novice/nun."

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Either way, in spite of the malapropism, there"s no denying the audible and verbal feeling at beat here.

6 "Poifect English"

Irony is a wonderful thing. Archie"s brutal butchering the the English lexicon has already been addressed, however there"s one quote that not just takes the cake but is so beautifully ironic that the deserves a was standing ovation. This spew of linguistic madness is definitely an absolute favorite.

"No bum the can’t speak poifect English oughta stay in this nation – oughta be de-exported the hell outta here!" Several individuals share this warped suggest of view and probably commit the very same verbal atrocities.

"What ya carry out in the privates of your very own room is your own privates." have the right to something be so wrong it actually sounds correct? depending on the mind"s proximity to the gutter, this is among Archie"s ideal uses of verbal confusion.

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It can be safe to say the what Archie meant associated being in the privacy the one"s very own room is their business, yet the display was never shy the the occasional twin entendre. What"s even funnier is that Archie would say something similar later with "That there is an intrusion of my privates." Needless to say, the heat didn"t age particularly well.

4 "We far better Not, Ya know, death Our Chickens before They cross The Road"

much more than likely, this is Archie Bunker"s take on counting one"s chickens prior to they hatch. Comparable to his previously mentioned quote around sheep and also lamb chops, this is one more dose that twisted humor with a nugget the wisdom hidden inside. Honestly, this line does have some merit and application potential.

What comes off together a muddled mishmash of jokes in reality becomes mildly brilliant. It"s a tiny wordy, but the shipment is absolutely excellent. This heat should absolutely count as a success in the large book that Bunker sayings.

Yet another example that an almost accurate quote, yet give Archie a small credit because that at least getting the resource of his mangled quote correct. For those unfamiliar v their history, the quote originates from "If you can"t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen," as declared by president Harry Truman.

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It basically means don"t take an ext than have the right to be handled. Archie, in his malaprop way, is basically saying the very same thing, but with his very own warped version. Audiences certainly didn"t mind that sprinkling in a tiny extra ego with this adaptation.

2 "Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow is Sorry, however Cleveland shed Anyway"

This is just one of those rare and beautiful lines from Archie that"s virtually 99% correct. Replace Cleveland through Chicago and it"s a kind metaphor. As soon as again in his own way, Archie is make the efforts to do a point. This time, it"s about being sorry however doing nothing around it.

Mrs. O"Leary"s cow is a reference to the good Chicago Fire the 1871, concerning an metropolitan legend that states the fire was resulted in by a cow kicking over an oil lamp and also burning increase Mrs. O"Leary"s farm. It"s one interesting, if confused, metaphor, yet one with certain cleverness within.

At, last the pinnacle of all Archie Bunker quotes. It"s so iconic and repeated, the it"s almost the man"s catchphrase, right alongside "Edith, will ya stifle yourself?" any time Archie mentions the surname Meathead, he is typically referring come his liberal, atheist son-in-law, Mike Stivic.

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Archie rarely calls Mike through his an initial name, in fact, for virtually every illustration featuring him, Archie offers the ax Meathead at the very least once or twice per episode. The is possibly the one phrase most closely linked with the character, that it had actually to be the Archie-ism to take the number one spot.