No spring Break plans? Don’t spend it top top the couch watching TV together life overcome you by! These 9 destinations insurance an remarkable Spring Break, also at the last minute. 

You have the right to either go sign up with the party at among 2016’s most well-known destinations, or you deserve to go turn off the beaten course for a much more laid-back atmosphere. The selection is yours. Check out on come discover 5 the the most well-known Spring break destinations to add 4 “hidden gems.”

The peak Destinations for spring Break 2016

Looking because that a classic Spring break experience? go partying with hundreds of your new closest friends sound choose your cup that tea? below are the top five Spring break destinations for united state travelers:

South Padre Island, Texas

Every year, 10s of hundreds of college college student flock to this sandy Texas island in the Gulf the Mexico. If you’re looking for the common sun-and-beer fueled Spring rest experience, southern Padre is practically guaranteed to deliver.

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Why Go?

South Padre knows exactly how to party, and the island is not shy about catering to the college party crowd. There are ten vast nightclubs, miles and also miles of sandy beaches, and also drinking on the coast is allowed. But don’t party too hard- this year, the police will certainly be using drones to save an eye top top things.

Passport Requirements

You execute not require a passport to go to south Padre. If girlfriend planned to overcome into surrounding Mexico, girlfriend would need a passport or a passport card. However, the epidemic of medicine violence throughout the border makes that idea unwise in ~ best.


Florida is wherein Spring break in America was born. University students have actually flocked come Florida beach communities like fort Lauderdale since the so late 30’s. Archetypical “spring break” movies like Where the guys Are (1961) and Spring Break (1985) were set here, and also MTV’s very first Spring Break distinct was filmed in Daytona Beach.

Why go?

Florida has actually some the the best beaches in the country. Florida cities and towns prefer Miami, Daytona Beach, Panama City and Cocoa Beach on regular basis make lists of the most popular Spring rest destinations in the country. However, part Florida beach towns have come to be weary that crowds of rowdy young adults. Brand-new rules in part cities aim to power in too much drinking and also make the beaches friendlier to families and people of all ages. Stay on the right side that the legislation by researching front of time.

Passport Requirements

None needed.

Cancun, Mexico

Looking for a beach party v a more international flavor? Cancun’s spring Break events lure students from approximately the world.

Why Go?

The beaches room stunning, and the nightlife is spectacular. Methods for exciting day trips abound. Possibilities include: snorkeling, visiting Mayan ruins, or swim in a cenote. As a significant tourist city, Cancun is generally taken into consideration safe. That said, you need to take all the normal precautions you would take as soon as traveling outside of the country.

Passport Requirements

You will need a passport publication with at the very least six month validity and also one full blank page. If you’re visiting Cancun as component of a cruise that starts and also ends in ~ the very same US port, friend can acquire by through a state ID and also birth certificate or v a passport map BUT you really should have a passport publication in instance you should fly back home.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is among the hottest up-and-coming destinations for feather Break 2016.

Why Go?

White sand beaches, luxurious all-inclusive resorts and also a dry rainforest come explore? Where execute we authorize up? Additionally, should you desire to mingle through the locals, the Punta Cana area together a whole is fairly safe.

Passport Requirements

You require a passport book if you are flying. Your passport need to be valid to enter the country, and you’ll need one empty page in the back.

Again, if you’re on a closed-loop cruise you can use a state ID and a birth certificate or a passport card, however a passport publication is recommended.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas might not fit the stereotypical feather break beach vacation stereotype, yet it’s in reality the many popular location for us college students according to

Why Go?

Provided girlfriend don’t spend too lot time in the casinos, las Vegas is among the cheapest feather Break destinations this year. Hotels and also casinos in the area know how to throw a party, and they cater to spring Break crowds.

Passport Requirements

None needed.

Spring rest Destinations 2016: turn off the beaten Path

Tulum, Mexico

Looking for a calmer, quieter alternate to chaotic Cancun? Tulum is a more laid-back (and more expensive) alternative.

Why Go?

The beaches space perfect, the food is amazing, and the nearby Mayan ruins are absolutely worth a visit.

Passport Requirements

A passport publication with 6 months validity and also one empty page.

Punta Mita, Mexico

Described through Forbes as “one that the top places to spring Break favor an adult,” Punta Mita has regulated what numerous Mexican resort towns have actually not: growth without the cultivation pains.

Why go?

This artsy beachside city is popular sufficient to merit visits from celebrities choose Jennifer Aniston, yet quiet enough to satisfy travelers trying to find rest and renewal.

Passport Requirements

Passport needs for Punta Mita space the exact same as for various other Mexican destinations.

Mexico City, Mexico

If you’d quite soak up culture than sunshine, Mexico City is wonderful (and reasonably inexpensive) spring Break alternative.

Why Go?

Why not? even if it is you’re right into art, shopping, or nightlife, you’re bound to uncover something that appeals come you in Mexico City.

Passport Requirements

You’ll require a passport publication with at the very least one empty page and also an expiration at least six months away from her arrival date.

Sri Lanka

Want to go somewhere more exotic? Sri Lanka is this year’s top-secret beach location for those in the know.

Why go?

Often mentioned as one undiscovered different to Thailand and also Costa Rica, Sri Lanka uses a similarly tropical, close-to-nature emotion without the crowds that tourists. Arugam just on the Indian ocean is a surfer’s paradise.

Passport Requirements

You need:

A passport publication valid for 6 month from the date you arrangement to leave the country and also with at the very least one empty page in the back.Proof of leave (a ticket residence or just out of the country).Proof that “sufficient funds” to salary for your stay.

How to obtain a Passport for feather Break 2016

If you’re travel to a destination that needs a passport, you need to apply ASAP. And you’ll have to expedite it, one way or another.

If you have actually at least three weeks prior to you depart, you can request expedited service at the article office for second $60.00

If you have actually less than three weeks, make an meeting at the nearest passport agency or usage an expediting service like will certainly hand-deliver your applications to the room of State for processing in as little as 24 hours, v no need to make an appointment or wait in heat at one agency.

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Learn an ext about both options here: exactly how to use for a Passport at the critical Minute

Or, begin your passport application now with’s easy order process.

Happy feather Break!

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