The Toyota Supra that Paul pedestrian drove in The quick & Furious has marketed at auction because that $555,000 (£398,000).

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The car, which now holds the document for many expensive Supra ever before sold, was first introduced in the 2001 film after the Mitsubishi Eclipse pushed by Walker’s character Brian O’Conner gets blown increase by Johnny Tran and Lance Nguyen.

Owing Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) a 10-second car, O’Conner gets his hands on a created off Toyota Supra mark IV, but with the engine quiet intact. After he, Toretto, and “Mad Scientist” Jesse placed in some wrench time together with “$15,000 or more” and also “overnight parts from Japan”, the end result in the movie is the liquid Orange Supra driven by the late actor.

The 1994 Toyota Supra was actually built by Eddie Paul in ~ The Shark Shop in El Segundo, California, before being revised by the original builder for its role as “Slap Jack’s Supra” in the film’s 2003 sequel, 2 quick 2 Furious.

According to the auction listing, it features a Bomex front spoiler and side skirts, a TRD-style hood, an APR aluminium biplane behind wing, and 19” Dazz Motorsport gyeongju ‘Hart M5 Tuner’ rims perfect in a ‘Chrome/Silver’ colourway. The interior is consisted of of blue Alcantara and also black leatherette that sits together a Pioneer screen and also Momo steering wheel, range of gauges, and also more.

Sold by Barrett-Jackson at a Las las vegas auction the ran native June 17-19, the car, which go under the hammer with no reserve, offered for $555,000 (£398,000).

Last year, Fast & Furious star Tyrese Gibson revealed that Walker’s family members had given their blessing for the movie franchise to continue after he died in a car crash in California in 2013 if on a break from filming Fast & Furious 7.

“People will certainly say Paul is no in it so why room you men continuing?” Gibson called Maxim. “That’s specifically why we’re continuing reason we make the transition in my mind speak we have to do this for Paul.”

Back in April 2016, Meadow walker was vested a negotiation of just over $10.1 million (£7 million) in compensation for Walker’s death – v the payment comes from the legacy of i get it Rodas, who was control the car.

Meadow also filled a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche, the machine of the auto Walker to be travelling in, citing a architecture defect with the seatbelt the prevented walker from gift able to obtain out of the car, however the instance was dismissed in 2017.

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