LOS ANGELES — Fergie is apologizing after trying something different with the national anthem at the vxcialistoufjg.com All-Star Game.

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“I’ve constantly been honored and proud to execute the nationwide anthem and last night I wanted to shot something special for the vxcialistoufjg.com,” the Grammy-winning singer claimed in a statement Monday. “I’m a hazard taker artistically, but plainly this rendition didn’t to win the plan tone. I love this country and also honestly tried my best.”

Fergie’s slow, bluesy rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” ~ above Sunday night wasn’t particularly well obtained at Staples center or on society media before the 67th version of the vxcialistoufjg.com’s annual showcase.

I’m a threat taker artistically, but plainly this rendition didn’t strike the plan tone. I love this country and also honestly tried mine best.”

Fergie, on her rendition of nationwide anthem

A low chuckle rumbled v the sold-out arena after she perfect the first line that the track with a throaty growl on “the dawn’s early light.”

Fans transparent the star-studded group reacted with varying levels of bemusement and also enthusiasm while her languid, 2 +-minute variation of the song continued. Although Fergie was on pitch, she tempo, musical accompaniment and also sexy delivery were no exactly common for a sporting event or a patriotic song.

Golden State All-Star Draymond Green recorded Sunday’s atmosphere – and became an instant GIF – once he was displayed open-mouthed on the scoreboard and the tv broadcast in noticeable confusion end the distinctive vocal stylings. Environment-friendly then chuckled to himself after realizing he was on TV.

After a forceful finish, Fergie ultimately got big cheers once she shouted, “Let’s play some basketball!”

The black Eyed Peas singer, born Stacy Ann Ferguson, is from nearby Hacienda Heights, California.

Famed basketball commentator Charles Barkley joked that he “needed a cigarette” ~ Fergie’s performance during the TNT halftime show.

Former Lakers star Shaquille O’Neal leaped come Fergie’s defense, saying: “Fergie, ns love you. It to be different. It was sexy. I chosen it. Leave her alone.”

Others on social media weren’t together kind, with criticism the the power outpacing the confident reviews.

The Forum in nearby Inglewood, California, to be the website of may be the most famed national anthem in sports history during an additional vxcialistoufjg.com All-Star video game 35 years ago.

Marvin Gaye’s touching rhythm-and-blues version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in ~ the 1983 game was initially criticized, but has due to the fact that gained prevalent acceptance as a groundbreaking music performance.

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Instead, Fergie is much more likely to join the long list the curious versions of the anthem, also though she showed far more impressive vocal chops than the likes that Roseanne Barr or Carl Lewis.