NEW olions -- The NBA has determined to hold the 2017 All-Star video game in new Orleans after taking the midseason event out of north Carolina due to the fact that of a state regulation that borders anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay and also transgender people.

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New Orleans, announced Friday as the new location the the game, replace instead replace Charlotte, i m sorry was set to host the video game until the NBA determined last month to relocate it elsewhere.

Unlike several other Southern states, Louisiana has actually not been swept up in legislative initiatives to happen laws comparable to that in phibìc Carolina -- a fact Gov. Man Bel Edwards has touted while lobbying the NBA to carry its All-Star weekend to brand-new Orleans.

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"We take on our rich social heritage and also see our diversity as a virtue," Edwards created in a letter come NBA Commissioner Adam silver in so late July. "Should the NBA pick to lug the All-Star Game earlier to brand-new Orleans in 2017, it will strongly reaffirm its commitment to neighborhoods that worth fairness and inclusion."

The NBA"s decision -- and also the economic an increase it will lug -- offers a timely dose of good news following terrible flooding across huge swaths of south east Louisiana that has actually killed at the very least 13 people and also damaged an estimated 40,000 homes, mostly around Baton Rouge. Much of the new Orleans metropolitan area has actually been spared indigenous the flooding.

"While us move right into the recovery step of this disaster, I want to thank the NBA for the vote of trust in ours state to host this event and also their support of the relief efforts currently underway," Edwards said.

This marks the 3rd time new Orleans, which became an NBA city for the second time in 2002, has been selected to organize the league"s All-Star Game.

When the All-Star Game an initial came in 2008, the NBA spearheaded numerous community business projects aimed at helping communities hard hit by Hurricane Katrina in august 2005. The NBA will be presented with similar opportunities following year to assist flooded neighborhoods within an hour"s drive of brand-new Orleans.

New orleans has also hosted the NBA All-Star game in 2008 and 2014.Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesIndeed, the new Orleans Pelicans and the NFL"s Saints, both owned by Tom Benson, currently have begun deploying administrative staff to assist flood relief initiatives while opened the teams" headquarters together a collection allude for donations of simple supplies because that flood victims.

"As we know, the NBA will engage thousands of local children and charities during this weekend," Benson said in written comments thanking the NBA for choosing brand-new Orleans.

The All-Star game is booked for Feb. 19, which falls during the an initial weekend of Mardi Gras parades. That weekend presents part logistical challenges for new Orleans in terms of policing and also traffic control, but considerably less so 보다 the following weekend, once the biggest parades roll in the work leading approximately Fat Tuesday, i beg your pardon is Feb. 28.

All-Star weekend likewise came come the big Easy in 2014, when Pelicans forward and center Anthony Davis make his All-Star debut. Davis would play the All-Star video game in his house arena again if the is named to the western Conference squad because that a fourth straight season.

New Orleans, which has actually a background of hosting major sporting events, has actually seen its last 2 bids to hold a Super key come increase short. It also bid unsuccessfully to organize one that the NCAA final Fours in between 2017 and also 2021. Those disappointments detailed even an ext motivation because that state and city officials to act decisively to tempt the NBA All-Star video game after the league"s decision to take it it away from the initially designated organize city.

A variety of entertainment acts, consisting of a Bruce Springsteen concert, have actually canceled north Carolina events because of its so-called HB2 law.

Louisiana hasn"t spreading -- or debated -- a "bathroom bill" the the kind passed in north Carolina. Edwards previously this year approve an LGBT rights anti-discrimination order.

In the April order, the democratic governor banned discrimination in state government based upon sexual orientation and gender identity. State contracts additionally were forced to comply, except building contractors that are religious organizations. Edwards" anti-discrimination bespeak was comparable to order enacted by two former Louisiana democratic governors -- however he included language protecting against discrimination based on gender identity, a provision the protects transgender people.

Republican Louisiana Attorney general Jeff Landry"s office has actually issued one opinion claiming that Edwards" order has actually "no binding legal effect" and also exceeds the governor"s authority. Yet the bespeak hasn"t been tested in court, and also Edwards has actually vowed to monitor it. Landry"s office also has join 10 other states in a sue filed in May versus President Barack Obama"s administration over the directive come U.S. Public institutions to permit transgender students use the bathrooms and also locker rooms that enhance their gender identity.

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The human being Rights Campaign, a nationwide civil rights team working on behalf of lesbian, gay and transgender people, applauded the NBA"s decision come choose new Orleans.

"The NBA and also Commissioner Adam Silver have sent a clear message to lawmakers in phibìc Carolina and across the nation that discrimination against LGBTQ human being has results and will not it is in tolerated," HRC chairman Chad Griffin said in a statement. "New Orleans" clearly LGBTQ non-discrimination protections will certainly ensure every NBA employees, players, and also fans who take part in the All-Star video game are safeguarded from discrimination."