Now it’s practically time, the NBA 2017 All-Star Game it’s almost here and tomorrow - Saturday night in Italy - it will certainly al start with the Rising-Star Challenge, through rookies and also sophomores encountering each other in a USA-Rest of the human being game. And even if the key course will be the All-Star game, booked on Sunday night, plenty of are additionally waiting anxiously the NBA All-Star Saturday.

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Saturday night is specialized to skill, and the orgasm is in ~ the end, as soon as passed over the Skill Challenge - trial and error dribbling, passing and shooting - and also the Three-point Contest, i beg your pardon in the past years experienced Marco Belinelli as protagonist. What everyone’s waiting, though, is the Slam Dunk Contest, which after part years of the shade with quite boring challenges, has come back on top with the exceptional performances largely by Zach LaVine - that won the last two years - and Aaron Gordon.


This year, T-Wolves security won’t attend the challenge, which appears to clean the road for last year’s 2nd classify. Magic’s dual zero, though, will confront three height contenders like DeAndre Jordan, Glenan Robinson III and also Derrick Jones Jr. Who will do the fans at the Smoothie King facility stand up? We’ll have actually the answer on Saturday night.


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