The actors Of all That: Where are They Now? one of the most successful TV shows in the background of Nickelodeon has been every That. The cast, such as Amanda Bynes, have gone onto other things...

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among the many successful TV mirrors in the background of Nickelodeon has actually been All That, a sketch comedy series starring kids and teens that aired from 1994 to 2005 (with a two-year hiatus in between). All that has been responsible for jumpstarting the careers of number of talented people in the comedy genre and also in the entertainment service as a whole. Many notably, Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Amanda Bynes, Gabriel Iglesias, and also Nick Cannon.

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Created through Michael Tollin and Brian Robbins, Nickelodeon’s All the was also responsible for 3 successful byproducts that conquered the TV screens in between the so late 1990s and also the beforehand 2000s: Kenan & Kel, The Amanda Show, and also The Nick Cannon Show. Yet was has actually the cast of All the been increase to because then?

at this point, it is safe to say that Kenan Thompson has entered the room of fame of sketch comedy. Throughout his time as a regular cast member on All That, Thompson went turn off to title his own spin-off together costar Kel Mitchell, the Kenan & Kel show. Then, in 2003, the comedian join Saturday Night Live, whereby he has actually been ever since.

In 2017, Kenan Thompson became the longest-serving cast member in the history of Saturday Night Live, i m sorry is itself among the longest-running show in the background of tv in the U.S. Then, in 2018, NBC made decision to deepen its connection with the comedian also further, greenlighting the solo project The Kenan Show because that a 2020 premiere.

Kel Mitchell is often remembered as among the funniest civilization to ever be ~ above Nickelodeon, i m sorry is attributed due to his occupational on both All the and Kenan & Kel. Ever because All the ended, Mitchell made short appearances in a wide range of shows, such together Good lucky Charlie, Sam & Cat, and also Liv and Maddie. Most recently, the comedian was featured in the Nickelodeon comedy Game Shakers, which aired for 3 seasons.

Due come his mainstream appeal, Kel Mitchell has also been checked out on music videos of really successful artists in the music industry, such as in Kanye West’s video clip for “All falls Down” and also Khalid’s “Young Dumb & Broke” music video.

it is for sure to say that Amanda Bynes has had one that the many successful Hollywood careers the end of every other cast member native All That. After ~ headlining her very own The Amanda Show job on Nickelodeon and playing Holly Tyler in the What ns Like around You sitcom on The WB, the actress go on come star in films such together 2003’s What a Girl Wants, 2006’s She’s The Man, 2007’s Hairspray, and 2010’s Easy A.

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However, it was in 2010 the Amanda Bynes’ career had actually to be put on hold due to worries with mental health and also substance abuse. In 2017, Bynes announced that she to be attending fashion school and also wanted to start her own clothes line. Moreover, the actress pointed out that she wanted to go back to acting on TV and also in film. Then, in 2018, document Magazine walk a cover story top top Amanda Bynes that ended up being a famous sensation.


Comedian Lori Beth Denberg went on to have actually a huge career in the late 1990s and early 2000s, together she landing TV reflects such together Figure it Out, The Steve Harvey Show, and Malcolm in the Middle immediately ~ leaving All That. Top top the big screen, Denberg was additionally seen in the Good Burger movie and in 2004’s Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

As of more recently, Lori Beth Denberg has actually been making much more appearances together herself on collection such as Workaholics, Hollywood Darlings, and Wild ‘N the end (which is hosted by her All that costar Nick Cannon).

The only All the cast member that stayed throughout every one of the show’s six initial seasons to be Josh Server. What’s more, Server was very loyal to the franchise even as it expanded, being featured in the Good burger movie and also making cameos top top the Kenan & Kel and The Amanda Show spin-offs.

As that stands, mock Server has been a faithful agency man for Nickelodeon, sharing his talent on TV reflects such together Oh Yeah! Cartoons, 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, Drake & Josh, and Sam & Cat. In 2018, the actor was featured top top the All the reunion illustration of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. Server additionally reunited with fellow costar Kel Mitchell during an illustration of Game Shakers.


Nick Cannon has had a really versatile career because the end of All That. Together a rapper, he broke out through the hit single “Gigolo” and also went on to release 2 studio albums, 2003’s “Nick Cannon” and 2014’s “White civilization Party Music.” as a host, Cannon had a run between 2009 and 2016 on America’s gained Talent and also has been on Wild ‘N Out since 2005 (despite the hiatus from 2007 come 2013).

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As one actor, Nick Cannon is ideal known because that 2002’s Drumline, 2006’s Bobby, and his recurring duties on the TV collection Up every Night and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. One would additionally be remiss no to cite Cannon’s six-year marriage to pop star Mariah Carey, through whom he has actually two children.

regardless of the fact that Gabriel Iglesias was only in one season of All That, this is tho the show that provided the comedian his start.

Ever since being on the series, Iglesias has had a an extremely successful career on TV and also in films. Many notably, that was cast in Magic Mike and also Magic Mike XXL, and also did voice job-related for animated features such as Ferdinand, Coco, The book of Life, The nut Job, and also Planes.

As that 2019, Gabriel Iglesias is starring and also executive developing his very own Netflix original series, Mr. Iglesias.


there is no doubt the Katrina Johnson play a very far-ranging role in the history of All That, so lot so the the comedian to be invited earlier for the 100th illustration of the series, and yet again for the 10th anniversary unique that aired in 2005.

After All That, Johnson was watched again in the Shane On girlfriend TV movie. However, the comedian seemed to be an ext focused ~ above a career in radio, even hosting her an extremely own radio present while resident in ras Vegas.

Fun fact: follow to Katrina Johnson, Amanda Bynes got actors on All That if doing stand-up together Johnson in ~ The Laugh Factory.

prior to he even got cast on All That, Danny Tamberelli had currently experienced a pretty effective career as a child actor in Hollywood. His credits already included 1992’s The Mighty Ducks, his role as little Pete ~ above The Adventures that Pete & Pete, and even voice exhilaration on The Magic school Bus.

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After Danny Tamberelli’s operation on All That, which took place between 1997 and also 2000, the actor went back to voice exhilaration for a duty on Fillmore! and a personality in the video clip game Grand Theft Auto V. Furthermore, the actor was checked out in the 2019 movie Ham on Rye.


that is hard to no think the Alisa Reyes when remembering several of our favorite All that comedians, as she was part of that actors for 3 seasons.

After she time on All That, Reyes to be featured ~ above the TV reflects such as Six Feet Under, NYPD Blue, Boston Public, and ER. Many notably, the comedian did voice exhilaration for the Disney Channel animated series The Proud family between 2001 and 2005.

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As the late, Alisa Reyes likewise showed her an abilities as a DJ because that a SiriusXM satellite radio display of she own.