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former child star Amanda Bynes has actually been spending much more of her time tweeting than acting. Disney has actually its Mickey mouse club and also Nickelodeon had "All That"—think "Saturday Night Live" because that a younger crowd.

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After former Nick actress Amanda Byne"s latest run in through the law, we made decision to inspect in ~ above the remainder of the initial castfrom periods 1-6 the the show"s "golden" era. (The show brought on for an additional three periods without that veterans.)

While a few tried proceeding comedy careers, others began singing and also one also went top top to occupational with Playboy.

We even discovered most of their on facebook profiles for her viewing pleasure.

From Danny Tamberelli to Kel Mitchell view what taken place to the original cast members.



We don"t need to "Ask Amanda" what she"s been approximately these days. Out of the whole "All That" cast, she"s had the most success in Hollywood.

Bynes wasfeatured in films including "She"s the Man" v Channing Tatum and "Hairspray." She was last viewed in "Easy A" prior to announcing retirement ~ above Twitter.

But these days, Bynes is an ext well well-known for her trouble with the law and outrageous tweets 보다 her career.

Kel Mitchell is throw orange soda next in new York ... And popping increase on tv now and then.


Seasons 1-5

There to be a the majority of rumors going approximately for a while that pitted Mitchell asdying the a drug overdose in 2006.

He"s alive and kicking. Kel auditioned because that SNL in 2003, but didn"t make the cut while his counterpart Kenan did. What happened to our "Good Burger,"orange soda lovingrepair man (man-man-man)?

Mitchell"s doing a lot this days.

He"s to be featured on BET"s "The Game" in January through Brandy, was in "Battle of Los Angeles," and also as of critical month, he"shosting orange soda next on long Island.We have one question:Whyyyyyy?

Random thought: perform you think he division down into "I"m a dude, he"s a dude, she"s a dude ..."?

Mitchell likewise has aYouTubepageand ispretty active on Twitter:
IamKelMitchell.Want his on facebook page, too?Done.

Danny Tamberelli has actually a lay out comedy channel dubbed "Manboobs" and also is in a band dubbed Jounce.


native aspiring comedian come YouTube humor. YouTube screengrabs

Seasons 1-6, Facebook

Before SNL Weekend Updates, Danny Tamberelli was giving us "Vital Information."

Now, Tamberelli has actually taken his comedy regime to YouTube top top channel Manboobs(with 181 subscribers, he"s not that popular).

From his Facebookpage:

Happy Monday people! those a far better way to begin your day v a tiny manboobs love?

We can"t do this ingredient up. The Park Slope native isalso part of band, Jounce.He newly told new York Mag he it s okay his hair cut once every 2 years.

Here"s among his latest sketches v old castmate, Kenan Thomspson.

Lori Beth Denberg is "living out her old age."


us hoped she may have been an yes, really librarian. YouTube screengrab / wikicommons

Seasons 1-4,FacebookNo, she"s no still silencing miscreants in libraries, In fact, she"s not doing lot of anything these days.

After "All That," Denberg appeared on "The Steve Harvey Show" for a while. Her actual last onscreen appearance remained in "Dodgeball" wherein she play a cheerleader.

When the cast reunited in ~ the 2011 Comikaze Expo, Denberg joked she"s currently "living out her old age." She"s 36.

Alisa Reyes has worked for Playboy radio and is working on new TV show, "Grown Ups."

Left is a photograph of Reyes ~ above "Figure that Out." us couldn't discover her as Kiki. YouTube screengrab

Seasons 1-3,

Reyes went from Kiki on Nickelodeon come Disney come Playboy. After "All That" she starred top top NBC teen"s "One World"and subsequently served as a voice actor on ABC"s "The Proud Family."

Now, Reyes is a DJ for Playboy Radio,a organize for PlayboyUand is working on a new show "Grown Ups" with one more old co-star ...

Katrina Johnson is doing talk radio and also is working on new show "Grown Ups."

friend would never think Johnson to be the lemonade girl ~ above "All That." YouTube screengrabs

Seasons 1-3,

Johnson went from play the innocent lemonade scammer come a slightly an ext adult roleon Playboy TV series "King that Clubs."

In 2011, she joined Unscripted Radio,and during a reunion, Johnson revealed she qualified because that the Olympics in two various sports and had a record resolve Sony. She"s also starring in one upcoming display with past co-star Alisa Reyes called "Grown Ups."

Josh Server left tv for a while, yet says he's walking to begin acting again.

Someone demands to get Server on wait now. YouTube screengrabs

Seasons 1-6,

Detective Danducked out of the spotlight ~ "All That." ~ the ten-year anniversary he guest-starred on an episode of Nickelodeon"s "Drake and Josh."

Server began web collection "Laugh the end Loud" with Kenan Thompson in 2006.That fizzled the end after a year.

At one more "All That" reunion in 2011, Server said he"s heading earlier to acting.

Angelique Bates is a recording artist and also comedian.

No much more Urkel impressions for Bates. YouTube screengrabs

Seasons 1-2, Facebook,

Afterplaying Urkel top top "All That," Bates appeared on an episode of "Strong Medicine" and also "Boston Public."

She climate beganrecording songs together "Alizay" Bates. She released the tune "Can"t Fade Me Now" in July 2011.

Bates additionally released a comedy CD title "Acting Out."

Leon Frierson is a vocalist and also songwriter who's likewise attending school.

Frierson has bid farewell to the comedian lifestyle. YouTube screengrab / facebook

Seasons 4-6,Facebook,

After "All That," Frierson showed up in the movie "Snow Day" through Chevy Chase.

The "Leroy and also Fuzz" sketch actor now goes by "Lee Boy" in arbitrarily Citizens.

Kenan Thompson beat the end Kel Mitchell for a function on Saturday Night Live.

Kenan's currently on the get an impression up version of "All That." YouTube / NBC SNL

Seasons 1-5

One that the most successful "All That" cast members went from speaking French in a bath tub with his rubber ducky to landing a gig ~ above NBC"s hit selection show.

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Kenan was likewise the voice that the LeBron James puppet in Nike"s MVP commercials.

Here's most of the actors at a reunion panel critical year throughout the Comikaze Expo:

Now, check out the wheelchair babes that "Push Girls"

Sundance / on facebook accomplish the actors of Sundance"s newest display >
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