Hollywood to be abuzz Wednesday v chatter about a report that stated actress Michelle Williams received less than 1% of mark Wahlberg"s paycheck because that reshoots of their film, "All the vxcialistoufjg.com in the World."

USA today reported Tuesday the Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million come reshoot his scenes, if Williams received a per diem of $80 per day, totaling much less than $1,000.

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vxcialistoufjg.comvxcialistoufjg.com has reached the end to for Wahlberg and also Williams" representatives because that comment.

It"s not clear if Williams is aware that her co-star was paid much more for reshooting the scenes, however she told USA now in December the she to be willing to execute what necessary to be done because that the reshoot. Scott told the newspaper then, "Everyone go it for nothing." vxcialistoufjg.comvxcialistoufjg.com has additionally reached the end to Scott because that comment.

"I stated I"d it is in wherever they required me, whenever they necessary me," she called USA today at the time. "And they could have my salary, they can have mine holiday, whatever they wanted. Since I evaluate so lot that they to be making this massive effort."

Actress Jessica Chastain tweeted her assistance of Williams, asking fans come "Please go check out Michelle"s power in all The vxcialistoufjg.com in The World."

"She"s a brilliant Oscar nominated gold Globe winning actress," Chastain tweeted on Tuesday. "She has remained in the industry for 20 yrs. She deserves more than 1% of her masculine costar"s salary."

Please go watch Michelle's power in all The vxcialistoufjg.com in The World. She's a brilliant Oscar nominated gold Globe win actress. She has remained in the industry for 20 yrs. She deserves an ext than 1% that her masculine costar' s salary. Https://t.co/HIniew6lf7

— Jessica Chastain (
jes_chastain) January 10, 2018

other actresses consisting of Mia Farrow, Amber Tamblyn and Sophia Bush likewise spoke the end on social media against the report pay disparity.

Williams and also Wahlberg are stood for by the very same talent agency, wilhelm Morris Endeavor, a detail that shrub was quick to allude on in she tweet.

Exposing the pistol disparity in pay & hard proof of the gender gap— negotiated by the exact same agents no less! — isn"t a witch hunt. It"s a demand for fair practices. One person arguing he action up for a costar, or women in general, is simply a suggestion. No a Putin-level order.

— Sophia shrub (

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SophiaBush) January 10, 2018

"Exposing the gun disparity in pay & hard evidence of the gender gap— negotiated through the very same agents no less! — isn"t a witch hunt," bush tweeted. "It"s a need for fair practices."

"All the vxcialistoufjg.com in the World" was produced by imperative Entertainment and distributed by Sony"s TriStar Pictures. A resource close to production says Sony was not connected in talent salary negotiations. vxcialistoufjg.comvxcialistoufjg.com has reached out to command Entertainment for comment.


Wahlberg is known in Hollywood as a shrewd negotiator.

The Washington write-up reported in November the pay disparity because that the reshoot and noted that "Wahlberg, in addition to manager Stephen Levinson and agency WME, have a call in Hollywood because that driving a challenging bargain." The Post, citing resources close to the negotiations, reported then the Wahlberg was paid at least $2 million for about 10 work of work.

Wahlberg was called Hollywood"s greatest paid gibbs by Forbes critical year, raking in an approximated $68 million in the publication"s 12-month scoring period.

manager Ridley Scott chose to reshoot scene from "All the vxcialistoufjg.com in the World" that included Kevin Spacey ~ the Oscar-winning actor was accused of sex-related harassment and also assault.

The scandal started with Anthony Rapp, that told BuzzFeed the Spacey made a sexual breakthrough toward the climate 14-year-old Rapp. The has also been accused that serial harassment transparent his career.

Spacey authorize a statement speak he did no remember the alleged incident, but apologized because that what he claimed would have actually been "inappropriate drunken behavior."

gibbs Christopher Plummer changed Spacey in the function of billionaire Jean Paul Getty in the film based on the real-life kidnapping the Getty"s grandson john Paul Getty III.