Women and also minorities who attain success and also obtain location of power are not proof that the United claims is not a racist, patriarchal society committed to white supremacy and male domination, follow to Robin DiAngelo, the writer of White Fragility.

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“Systems of oppression are deeply embedded in the structure and towel of a culture and every one of its institutions,” DiAngelo said. “These room not liquid systems. Lock don’t adjust overnight. We live in patriarchy. We live in an androcentric male-dominated patriarchal culture and we have actually from the founding and also it didn’t readjust in 1920 and it wouldn’t have changed if Hillary Clinton had end up being president and it no end since Kamala Harris is angry president. All systems of be oppressive can enable for exceptions. The dominion will be consistent.”

Speaking come Oklahomans in a current Zoom speech funded by the Tulsa City-County Library device as part of the commemoration that the centennial of the Tulsa gyeongju Massacre, DiAngelo—who is white—described herself as an “insider come whiteness” and also said that offers her with insights racial minorities “can’t have and also that they nothing have.”

Despite decrying a “powerful convergence of both patriarchy and also white supremacy” in society, DiAngelo stressed the white women are however racists.

“While us may have actually been oppressed as women, us were elevated as white,” DiAngelo said. “And over there is no more a global women’s endure than there is a universal human experience. I’m no talking the spiritual plane. I’m talk the physical plane that we’re living on in a society that is deeply separate and also unequal by race and also gender. There is not some mutual experience. White women can and also do perpetrate racism. We are no less racist. Us haven’t developed any kind of less-racist fads just because we additionally experience patriarchy.”

While acknowledging that usage of the phrase “white supremacy” is “a fairly charged term,” DiAngelo defended its deployment even though it affiliated lumping many citizens right into the same category as members the the Ku Klux Klan.

“I flourished up reasoning of white supremacy or white supremacists as civilization who would wear white hoods,” DiAngelo said. “And of course it includes world who would certainly wear white hoods, yet it is a very descriptive sociological term because that the culture we live in, one that centers white people, the is dominated and also controlled by white people and yet presented together if it’s simply objective and also neutral.”

DiAngelo stated the “mainstream definition” the “racism” is a “simplistic idea the a racism is one individual that consciously doesn’t like people based on race and also is intentionally median to them. You need those three parts to the formula: individual aware malintent. And I don’t know that you could have come up with a an ext effective way to defend the device of racism because that exempts virtually all of us native that and also it assures that we’re going to be defensive if you imply that we are racists.”

During her speech, DiAngelo said individuals who have been “taught to treat anyone the same,” “have human being of color in mine family,” functioned in foreign nations with dramatically different racial demographics, space “a decimal myself,” or to be “marching in the ‘60s” to end Jim Crow regulations that discriminated versus black citizens are however racist.

“This claim—‘I’m no racist.’—is functionally meaningless,” DiAngelo said. “Seriously, once white civilization say that anyone who understands systemic racism—and most black world that ns know, as soon as white people say that—that’s no convincing. Us haven’t simply told them that we’re actually not racist. We’ve just told castle that we don’t know systemic racism, we’re not particularly self-aware, and also we’re most likely not going come be really open to any type of feedback come the contrary.”

While citizens deserve to work on addressing racism, they deserve to never be free of it, she said.

“We don’t arrive and now we space not racist,” DiAngelo said.

She likewise singled the end teachers as a significant source the racism.

“Pretty much everyone has been taught by white people who to be taught by white people who were taught through white civilization who were taught by white human being using textbooks composed by, for and around and centering white people however presented together objective and also neutral,” DiAngelo said. “Do you feeling the load of the whiteness?”

She dismissed lot of the racial emphasis of public-school education.

“Did you study systemic racism in your K-12 education?” DiAngelo said. “I’m no talking about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King in February, stripped of all your activism.”

At one point, DiAngelo shown that white university professors should “have to show that they to be able to communicate with worries of systemic racism in the curriculum and classroom dynamics before they were thought about qualified to teach,” and also that such requirements should also apply come those that “practice legislation or medicine” as well as those who “teach or job-related with children or work in customer company or bank or counseling or any type of other field.”

“If we’re being really honest, white world measure the worth of their neighborhoods and also their institutions by the absence of people of color and also black civilization in particular,” DiAngelo said.

According come the CollegeSimply website, Westville State university in Massachusetts, whereby DiAngelo earn tenure, ranking “low” in racial diversity. The site mirrors that 77 percent the Westville students space white and also just 4 percent space black.

At the college of Washington, Seattle, whereby DiAngelo is right now an affiliate combine professor that education, simply 4 percent that students room African-American.

DiAngelo additionally blamed Hollywood because that perpetuating a culture of racism, speak white civilization get “all the implicit prejudice that’s still inside of us” from “media, indigenous movies, indigenous television.”

DiAngelo’s book and also teachings, while hailed by some, have actually drawn solid criticism native a wide variety of sources.

Writing in The Atlantic, man McWhorter, a black professor in ~ Columbia University, defined White Fragility as “a racism tract” that is “replete with insurance claims that are either plain wrong or bizarrely disconnected indigenous reality.”

McWhorter composed that the publication is “about how to make certain educated white readers feel better about themselves” and that the “cannot imagine that any type of Black readers can willingly submit themselves to DiAngelo’s principles while considering themselves adults of plain self-regard and also strength. Few books around race have much more openly infantilized Black civilization than this supposedly classic tome.”

“The trouble is that White Fragility is the prayer book for what can only be described as a cult,” McWhorter wrote.

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In his testimonial of White Fragility, Matthew C. Taibbi, a longtime liberal journalist, wrote, “DiAngelo no the an initial person to do a buck pushing tricked-up pseudo-intellectual horse---t together corporate wisdom, but she can be the very first to execute it selling Hitlerian gyeongju theory. White Fragility has actually a basic message: there is no such point as a universal person experience, and also we are defined not by our individual characters or moral choices, however only through our gyeongju category.”

Taibbi writes the White Fragility is “based top top the idea that human beings are incapable of evaluate each other by the content of their character, and if people of various races think lock are acquiring along or even loving one another, they probably need prompt antiracism training.”

Despite suggesting that society is defined by racism, DiAngelo conceded in her speech come Oklahomans that gyeongju does not truly exist.

“This is a construct,” DiAngelo said. “There’s no true gyeongju at the biological level.”