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Shutterstock The Summary:The set-price buffet didn"t end up being a restaurant principle until the 1940s, when Herb McDonald presented the concept.

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All-you-can-eat deals make diners feel prefer they"re actually acquiring their money"s worth.From golden Corral come Olive Garden, here are the ideal chain restaurants because that all-you-can-eat deals.If over there are four words the American diners love hearing much more thanany others, they would certainly most likely be "all you can eat." The appropriate to eat till we burst is, in ~ this point, basically enshrined in the Constitution, andheaven forbid you shot to take our key away before we’re finished. Thankfully, lots of chain restaurants have acquired the memoand will save serving you food (or permit you return to the buffet or salad bar) until you say when. From endless soup, salad, and also breadsticks to an ext than 20 ranges of endless pizza, we’ve rounded up 10 of the height chain all-you-can-eat deals.

The buffet as we recognize it actually started centuries back as a means for households to display screen their wealth and capability to put lots of food on the table, however the set-price buffet didn’t become a restaurant fixture until the 1940s, when Las vegas impresario Herb McDonald presented the concept.The idea spread out throughout Vegaslike wildfire, and by the 1960s, buffets had made your wayacross America.

The "unlimited cost-free food refills" concept caught on shortly after that, and also by the 1990s, the "all-you-can-eat" ide got a slight rebranding. Some establishments, looking come lessen the gluttony facet of the approach, have re-dubbed the "all you care to eat." Ah, marketing.

There should be details psychological factors we’re drawn toward all-you-can-eat transaction at restaurants. Because that one, it provides us back a sense of control, i beg your pardon we much more or less lose as soon as a restaurant tells united state that we’ve consumed enough. It also makes us feel prefer we’re getting a good deal, which may or may not be the instance (in some instances it’s obvious; in rather we typically feel the have to eat morein order to "get our money’s worth"). Yet any means you part it, gaining an all-you-can-eat deal provides us feel prefer kings and queens, able come summon more food ~ above command, as lot as we want. And also while we could be paying for it later, it makes us feel pretty powerful in the moment.

Prices and also the transaction themselves may adjust over time (and numerous “unlimited” deals room limited-time-only promotions, favor Friday’s recent countless Apps promotion). However should you decision to take any type of of this chains up on their offers, psychic the one cardinal rule of all-you-can-eat dining:Don’t fill up on the bread!


Bob Evans/Facebook

The Deal:Unlimited soup, salad, and also breadWhen:Every dayPrice:$6.99 from 11 a.m. Come 4 p.m. Monday with Friday; $8.99 ~ 4 p.m. And on weekends



The Deal:Unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticksWhen:Monday through Friday, till 4 p.m.

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The Deal:Endless salad bar, including signature seasonal salads and soupsWhen:Every dayPrice:Varies


Steak n" Shake/Facebook

The Deal:All-you-can-eat pancakes; begin with three, climate refill her plate through two more at a timeWhen:Until 10 a.m.Price:$3.99


The Deal:Unlimitedaccess to the salad bar with salads and lots that add-ons, several featured ready salads, up to eight soups, muffins, focaccia pizza, several various pastas and sauces, and also desserts consisting of fruit, pudding, and also soft-serveWhen:Every dayPrice:Differs depending upon location, however averages $10

Shoney"s Restaurants/Facebook

The Deal:Legendary Breakfast Buffet: Eggs, bacon, grits, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, fruit, and moreWhen:Breakfast dailyPrice:Differs depending upon locations, yet averages $7.99


The Deal:Buffet with more than 20 various varieties the pizza, pasta, soup, salad, wings, and also dessertWhen:Every dayPrice:Varies, however most places charge less than $6

Edwin R./Yelp

The Deal:Tacos, flautas, enchiladas, chile rellenos, rice and also beans, sopapillas, salad, chips and also salsa, and also dessertWhen:Every dayPrice:Monday-Friday: having lunch $6.49, dinner $7.69. Weekends: Dinner $8.49

golden Corral/Facebook

The Deal:A buffet through breakfast, salads, and also a rotating roster of warm items including macaroni and cheese, pizza, fried chicken, and also spaghetti, v cake for dessertWhen:Every dayPrice:Ranges indigenous $10 to $12 because that adults

Old nation Buffet/Facebook

The Deal:Eggs, pancakes, waffles, and pastries because that breakfast; fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, small chicken, small fish, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, and other dishes because that lunch and dinnerWhen:Every dayPrice:Varies, but average is $5.99 because that breakfast, $7.99 for lunch, and $9.99 for dinner