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I"ve been a Dodger fan my whole life, having been born and also raised in the Los Angeles area and also moving come the Conejo valley in the mid 1990s.

When i was a kid, my dad would certainly take us to the game a pair times each season. Us sat in the cheapest seats and on our way there would protect against by McDonald"s or In-N-Out Burger and bring food right into the stadium.

Today, if still fans of the Dodgers, we hardly ever go to games. Simply too many other points going on in ours life. Yet I determined it would be fun to take the children on a Saturday night.


Plenty of tickets space available, however I had moderate sticker shock in ~ the prices. The cheapest seats on the Dodgers ticketing website to be $28 + $6.50 "Convenience" dues (whatever that means) and a $5.10 "Processing" fee. It definitely would it is in nice if all online ticket sellers just have one "all in" price that plainly shows the total price.

I was amazed in ~ how disastrous the Dodgers" ticketing website is, compared to other sites favor StubHub and SeatGeek. They make you operation Flash and don"t administer a watch from the seats like the various other sites do.

In any type of case, ns reviewed multiple choices to the Dodgers" ticketing website and also went with StubHub. StubHub add to a organization fee and a fulfillment fee to ticket prices. These fees vary based on event and ticket type. Because that the Dodgers game, the service fees to be in the 23-25% range and fulfillment fees to be $2. Factoring these fees in, StubHub still had the best as whole prices for comparable seats the end of the options I looked at.

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I was acquisition three children to the game and also my cheapest different were seats way, means up high in the height Deck or reserve areas. I didn"t really desire to be that high up, so i looked at the alternate of the bleacher seats.

I"m no a pan of bleacher seats as they are just that - lengthy benches through numbered seatbacks - no individual seats. I"m that man who is annoyed the entire flight top top a plane where the male next come me"s arm intrudes on mine space. For this reason bleacher seats probably are not the ideal idea for me.

But on 2nd thought, we"re just talking two to 3 hours and also the children would gain it. How bad could the be, right? therefore I chose to look at seats in the Coca-Cola all You have the right to Eat Right ar Pavilion. Castle were around $20 to $25 an ext than the seats in the Left field Pavilion, but ALL YOU have the right to EAT sounded favor a fun alternative with the kids.


The bleacher seats make you feeling closer to the activity IMO than the seat in nosebleed land.

THE all YOU deserve to EAT PAVILION

If it to be me and a buddy, I would not sit in the Coca-Cola every You deserve to Eat Pavilion because, well, I"m not large into gorging myself. However hey, i was with the kids, and also thought it would certainly be fun to just let em at it and also not worry around cash. And indeed it was fun.

A few things come note. We are not talking around a gourmet selection in this deal. We"re talk Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn and non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, iced tea and also water). No ice cream, churros, noodle candy or beer (though those were accessible for sale). And also no pizza, hamburgers or various other food items. One pizza vendor walked by approximately the 7th inning; I intend he to be desperate to unload them at the point.

Is the all You have the right to Eat Pavilion worth it? well it comes down to numbers. If you were to consume one Dodger Dog (cost is $6.50), one bag that peanuts ($5 estimate)and one drink ($6 insanely expensive), you room consuming $17.50 the Dodger stadion cuisine. Litter in one various other item, like an additional hot dog or nachos, and you"ve quite much broken even ~ above the deal.

Two of the three children with me "broke even." therefore I had to personally comprise for the third kid"s under-consumption. Indeed I to be hungry ~ above the drive from thousands Oaks come Dodger Stadium, so i was all set for the challenge. In fact, i went because that a run that morning to ensure mine metabolism was raring to go.

My take: 3 Dodger dog (really closer to 2 1/2 as I couldn"t end up the 3rd one), 1 iced tea (refilled once), 2 bags the peanuts (I lugged one home) and 2 bags of popcorn. Ignoring the refill, ns think i devoured around $46 retail value in food.

Of course consuming all that salty food could make one thirsty. Ns woke up the next morning v a an extremely dry mouth. And I certainly got mine money"s precious the night prior to so it to be worth it. Type of.

I had fond storage of Dodger dogs going earlier to my childhood. Castle were great back then. However these Dodger Dogs to be lukewarm at best and had kind of a metallic taste come them. I find the hot dogs at Costco, because that $1.50, including drink, come be more fulfilling.

The popcorn I believed was in reality pretty an excellent for pre-bagged popcorn. The peanuts were fairly salty. The nachos to be meh, not specifically good, according to the kids.


They weren"t the bad. It to be fun. The crowds to be pretty mellow and also there to be a many families/kids out there.

There is zero room between your legs and knees and also the row in former of you, but thankfully us didn"t endure too much back and soon of human being passing by together we to be seated towards the center of the row.

Great check out of the field. We had to twist our necks a little to check out the big video screen, yet it wasn"t as well bad.

There"s nowhere to location your food and drinks, therefore you have to kind the balance the food in a tray on her lap. There"s no cup holder for the drink. I inserted my iced tea under the bench, whereby it was shortly joined by trash. In fact, the amount of rubbish left through attendees to be jaw dropping.


My ago was a little tweaked by the end of the game, yet I survived. Though the Dodgers lost, the game was entertaining, together was the between-inning on-screen shenanigans. It to be a fun night out.


I chose to use the Waze app to call me the best way, factoring in website traffic conditions, to obtain to Dodger Stadium. Without the app, the natural means I would go would certainly be the 101 east to the 134 eastern to the 5 south.

Waze educated me that ns would get there 12 minutes quicker from Newbury Park via the 23 phibìc to the 118 east to the 5 south to the 134 eastern to the 2 south to the 5 south. Yep, a bit out the the way, but it operated like a charm. A really stress-free drive, with minimal traffic.

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Going house was much more direct - 5 phibìc to 134 west, climate 101 west. If you discover yourself in the right-hand roadway on Stadium means coming the end of Dodger Stadium, you will be forced to go on the 5 south. Whoops, dorn way! however if friend do uncover yourself in this situation, no to worry. Proceed on the 5 about fifty percent a mile and take the Riverside offramp, turn right, then you"ll quickly see a 5 phibìc onramp.

Parking at the stadium is $25. Carry out buy a parking happen on the Dodgers ticketing website in advancement for $15 to save yourself $