Allegiant Airlines, a advertisement airline, serves the St. Cloud regional Airport through two destinations: Mesa, Arizona (all year) and Punta Gorda, Florida (seasonal).

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Phoenix-Mesa Gateway plane - Mesa, Arizona:

Punta Gorda plane (Fort Myers) - Punta Gorda, Florida: (seasonal)

Allegiant Airlines

Phone: 702-505-8888


St. Cloud local Airport announced brand-new Landline service starting December 23, 2020.

Now YOU have the right to go everywhere Sun country goes!Sun Country and also Landline have actually partnered to lug you economically fares. Your ground shuttle company from St. Cloud reflects as the an initial "segment" of her trip when making reservations.

Sun country Website

Customer Service:Phone: 651-905-2737Monday - Sunday7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. (Central Time)

FYI, friend don't require a Sun country reservation to usage this comfortable service. Park for totally free in St. Cloud and leave the steering in Minneapolis to Landline, then catch your connecting flight at MSP, no issue the airline.

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Landline Website

Phone: 1-888-428-1149


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Flight Schedule - Nov./Dec. 2021

Sun nation is provided for the renowned charter package available through Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort and also Casino. Those reservations should be made v Riverside will directly.

November (SOLD OUT)

Flight #8011 departs Thursday, Nov. Fourth at 7:35 am

Flight #8018 return Sunday, Nov. 7th in ~ 2:50 pm

$549.00/pp round pilgrimage flight and lodging

December (SOLD OUT)

Flight #8015 departs Monday, Dec. Sixth at 7:35 am

Flight #8012 return Friday, Dec. 10th in ~ 2:50 pm

$549.00/pp round expedition flight and lodging

Nevada Highlights

Laughlin/Bullhead global Airport

- Laughlin, Nevada and also Bullhead City, Arizona

Don Laughlin’s Riverside resort Hotel & Casino

Phone: 1-800-227-3849, 1-866-202-2293