"I felt for this reason guilty about neglecting my youngsters in those early on years of your life and also having to go off ~ above tour and also misbehave in the way that ns was," she said. "I really have actually a great relationship v my kids now"

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On Wednesday's episode of podcast The Recovery, the brothers singer opened up up about her almost lifelong fight with addiction and also her trip to sobriety.

The "Smile" singer revealed that her addiction started at a young period when she became "co-dependent" on alcohol when attending school.

"I started gaining my worth from fist of others and also that is other that has played out until reasonably recently really," she said on the podcast.

"All I want was affirmation and praise and I didn't even really obtain it then. I got it from strangers, but I didn't really get it indigenous the vxcialistoufjg.com I want it from," Allen added, introduce to her music career quickly after dropping the end of school. "In fact, i was type of met with a little bit of resentment native those vxcialistoufjg.com. Taking obligation for my own actions, you know, I certainly like buried my head in drugs and alcohol, however I was yes, really sad."

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The singer walk on come say that she spent some time emotion "worthless" while life with number of addicts. In ~ 24, she married her first husband Sam Cooper, with whom she shares daughters Ethel, 9, and Marnie, 8.

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"I to be 14-stone <196 lbs.> and also just did no feel choose a popular music star in ~ all," she said, including that she necessary to go ago on tour due to the fact that she and her husband were running out of money. "So, I started taking this drug referred to as Adderall, i m sorry is prefer speed, to lose weight. And also then I acquired addicted come this drug because it do me invincible and also I might work really long hours and also be every the different human being that ns was compelled to be at the time."

During that time, Allen go on tourism to support Miley Cyrus' Bangerz tour — something that included fuel to the fire of her addiction.