Have you ever before wondered what the distinction is between an alligator snapping tortoise (Macrochelys temminckii) and also a typical snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina)?

Is over there a difference?

Both varieties belong to the family members Chelydridae, but they’re certainly not the same animal.

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Let’s find out some vital differences together we comment on the typical snapping turtle vs alligator snapping turtle.

Common Snapping tortoise vs Alligator Snapping Turtle

Scientists think both species can live for over 100 years.Both varieties primarily eat meat, however the typical snapping turtle likewise eats aquatic plants and also roots.The common snapping tortoise looks more like a “regular” turtle, through a smooth shell and rounded head.The alligator snapping turtle has a primitive appearance, through a spiny shell and also rough appearance.Neither types makes a good pet, however the common snapping turtle is probably far better suited for bondage due to its smaller size and calmer temperament.

Baby Alligator Snapping tortoise vs. Baby typical Snapping Turtle

As babies, the differences between the alligator snapping turtle and also common snapping turtle are a tad harder to notice.

The alligator snapper sits through its mouth broad open, wiggling their lure to tempt fish.Possibly many thanks to their unique adaptation that permits them to catch fish through ease, alligator snapping tortoise are almost entirely carnivorous. they rarely eat plants.

They’re together adept hunters that civilization often suspicion them of exhausted fruitful fishing sites.

Old-school fishermen used come go out of their way to remove any type of alligator snapping tortoise living in your favorite spot.

Life Cycle and also Reproduction

Reproduction is a far-ranging part of the snapping turtle lifespan as soon as it comes to human interaction.

Drivers and also pedestrians typically encounter freshly-hatched turtle that space making their means to the water.

Common Snapping Turtles

Common snapping turtle inhabiting colder northern regions take much longer to reach sex-related maturity, about 15 come 20 years.

Southern typical snappers might reach sex-related maturity as at an early stage as 12 years of age.

They breed throughout nearly the entire year, from April until September. Their eggs space laid during a significant time frame, as well.

Some sources indicate that the typical snapping turtle might be capable of living over 100 years.

Alligator Snapping Turtles

The alligator snapping tortoise reaches maturity at roughly 12 year of age. They mate every year in Spring.

Scientists believe that alligator snapping turtles may live even longer 보다 the common snapping turtle, perhaps over 200 years in the wild. In captivity, they rarely make it previous 70.

As Pets

For typical turtle lovers, no snapper types makes a good pet.

They require substantial enclosures, live because that 30-50+ years, and will constantly be dangerous.

If you insist on having actually a snapping turtle together a pet, we advise that girlfriend go with a common snapping turtle.

Their smaller sized size and also calmer temperament make them far better suited come life in captivity. Yet remember come learn just how to pick up her snapping tortoise safely to keep both you and also your brand-new friend safe.

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Even though baby snapping turtles deserve to sell for as low together $20, after everything we’ve considered, us welcome friend to inspect out our list of the ideal pet turtle species.

Have you ever encountered a snapping turtle in the wild or captivity?

Were girlfriend able to recognize whether it was an alligator snapper or a typical snapper?