Along v your Infant’s 1st Birthday, come the inquiry of even if it is to introduce dairy or the best choices to cow’s milk right into their diet

It deserve to be for this reason confusing, together there is so much info out there, so many different brand and likewise so many opinions.

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At the finish of the day you recognize your infant best, you recognize whether dairy (through chest milk or diet after 6 months) bothered their tiny stomachs, or even if it is you like to introduce options to cow’s milk.

Nonetheless, everything you decision there will certainly be a transition, and also you desire to make that together smooth as feasible and ensure her toddler’s diet offers them the most nutrients and benefits.

In this blog post, I will certainly dive into the ideal cow milk alternatives that you deserve to use for your toddler even if it is they may have actually an allergy or can not to forgive cow’s milk. I will also discuss the pro’s & con’s the the options to help you do an notified decision.

Before we dive into the options let’s talk about the symptom that might mean your toddler might need an alternate to cow’s milk.

The American Academy that Pediatrics still proposal a mix of solid foods and also breast milk or formula for youngsters under 12 months. Just after 1 year carry out they imply introducing whole cow’s milk.


1. Goat Milk

Although this isn’t the most renowned option, Goat milk* has gained popularity due to its vast health benefits as an different to cow’s milk. High quality, new goat milk is not readily obtainable for anyone in the USA. It likewise still lacks some essential nutrients because that toddlers favor folate, B12, iron, and also vitamins D, B12, and C, and omega-3 fat acids (DHA).

This is wherein Kabrita’s Non-GMO Goat Milk Formula* come in, as it is strengthened with the crucial nutrients for toddlers age 12 – 24 months. This milk worked out amazingly together a change from breastmilk when I to be weaning mine 3rdchild.


Things i loved about Kabrita Non-GMO Goat Milk* Formula:

It’s a high quality, non-GMO formula from Europe, and also is readily easily accessible in the USA.It is fortified with 22 vitamins and also minerals, consisting of folic acid, iron, and also omega 3 fat acids.It has actually a naturally sweet, mild, and delicious taste (I can attest to this ns tried it).

If you would favor to try Kabrita, they have an offer where you have the right to purchase your first tin for cost-free ($25 Value) and also only paying shipping! 



*Please note but that for toddlers with a cow milk protein allergy Goat’s Milk is no recommended.

2. Almond Milk

This is the among my older kids favourite choices to cow’s milk and probably one of the most famous ones amongst parents. Unless your child has actually displated any kind of signs of allergy it is yes sir to present this when they are 1 year old, in between meals the other foods or breastfeeding.

Besides water and fine grounds that almond, other ingredients that almond milk can include flavourings such as vanilla, sweeteners, and thickeners. Other manufacturers also include calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin C, among other nutrients.

If you decide to supplement your toddler’s diet v almond milk, it is an essential to ensure that:

They consume other creates of protein and fatThe milk is unsweetened or at least low in sugarThe milk is wealthy in calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin D.Comparison of Cow’s Milk and Almond Milk

There is a substantial difference between almond milk and cow milk in terms of nutrition.

One cup the cow’s milk has actually 8 grams of fat, while unsweetened almond milk has 2.5 grams. A report on the same likewise showed the 1 cup of cow’s milk has actually 8 grams of fat, i beg your pardon is high contrasted to the 1 gram that protein in a key of almond milk.

Some almond milk brands additionally have a high lot of sweeteners unequal the cow’s milk.

Here are other differences between the two varieties of milk;

Nutrient Cow MilkAlmond Milk
Calcium276 milligrams(mg)482 mg
Potassium322 mg176 mg
Sodium105 mg189mg
Vitamin A395 systems (IU)499IU

A complete comparison chart of all the different plant based milks deserve to be found if friend scroll down to the bottom the this post.

3. Oat Milk

This is my personal favourite and the children have snuck this into their cereal and not complained which is a an excellent thing. Just like cow’s milk, oat milk is safe for children who are above 12 months. The is a an excellent option for children who room soy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free.

It tastes pretty good and have the right to safely be used as a lunch box alternate for her toddler attending a nut-free school, camp, or work care.

Oat milk has actually a high percentage of its main ingredients than various other milk species such as coconut milk, soybeans, or nuts due to the fact that they are highly soluble in water. This renders it a perfect choice if girlfriend are trying to find a grain-based milk substitute.

In terms of allergies, oat allergy & sensitivity both trigger an immune device response. This results in the formation of antitoxin designed come combat an alien substance, i m sorry the human body perceives to it is in a threat, such together avenin. People who discover themselves suffering symptoms after eating oats might not be allergic to oats in ~ all, however rather, may have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease and call for to shot gluten free oats.


4. Hemp Milk

The very first thought that can cross your mind when you hear of Hemp milk is that it comes from marijuana, which is automatically viewed together a RED FLAG. I would certainly not worry because Hemp Milk walk not have actually Tetrahydrocannabinol, i beg your pardon is the ingredient the is responsible for the psychoactive results in marijuana.

Hemp milk have the right to be ingested by toddlers when they are 7 monthsand it has actually multiple nutrient that lack in formulas and the cow’s milk. Many parents who opt because that the holistic method praise the milk and rule out the opportunity of having any type of side effects.

There are numerous nutrients that your baby can acquire from acquisition a cup that hemp milk:

900mg Omega-3 fat Acid2800mg Omega-6 fat AcidAll 10 important Amino Acids4 grams the Digestible Protein46% the RDA of Calcium0% CholesterolPotassiumPhosphorousRiboflavinVitamin AVitamin EVitamin B12Folic AcidVitamin DMagnesiumIronZincMany more

The just downfall that the hemp milk is the high cost, yet it is every worth the considering the services like raising mental capacity, stronger nails & hair, enhanced immune system and also a solid & healthy and balanced heart.

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5. Coconut Milk

Although I consisted of coconut milk ~ above the perform (& love the in my coffee), that is not recommended especially as a substitute for cow’s milk however is greatto chef your toddler’s food when in a while, in drinks or, breakfast meals choose oats or pudding for example.