If your Optimum cable box no sound every one of a sudden, over there is no factor to be worried or concerned.

Many people as with you have actually been struggling through the very same issue and we have uncovered how they regulated to solve the issue and also gathered it all available in this post.

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The issue depends ~ above whether your cable box lost its sound or her TV. Friend can easily identify this by watching some Optimum free channel or media platform on your TV. If there is sound once using your TV standalone, the the problem is in ~ the cable box.If you can not hear a sound whatever you do, save reading and also by the end of this post, all her sound concerns should it is in in the past.

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Before we deserve to jump right right into the solutions, you need to have a clear knowledge of the possible causes staying clear of your mechanism from create sound.

In that regard, this is what we space going to comment on next.

Why is the Optimum Cable box No Sound Suddenly?

There are quite a few possibilities in which your sound will be completely lost. The very very first and most typical reason is leftover mute commands.

Go ahead best now and check if her Optimum cable box or TV is muted. You have the right to do that by acquisition your remote and pressing the mute switch located in the middle of the pad.

If this is no the case, another possibility would certainly be a faulty HDMI link or a loose cable.

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Later you will learn how to resolve those issues and even prevent your devices from having any kind of power outages, which might be the actual reason friend don’t have sound.

Lastly, your sound could be totally gone because of outdated software, one of two people on your cable box or TV.

These room the most typical reasons and also without more ado, let’s jump right right into our troubleshooting steps.

How To deal with Optimum Cable Box has No Sound?

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